JINR Days in the Czech Republic. Day Two – Brno

News, 02 November 2015

On 23 October 2015, within the framework of JINR Days in the Czech Republic dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of JINR, a JINR delegation held a number of meeting in Brno, which is the Czech center of education in which more than 100 thousand students study. The planned activities were aimed at carrying out presentations and meetings at the main universities, such as the Technological University of Brno and the Masaryk’s University.

The delegation of JINR was welcomed by the Vice dean of Faculty of electrical equipment and communications of Technological university in Brno, Vladimir Obrekht,  together with the Plenipotentiary of the Czech Republic in JINR Jan Dobesh. At a meeting there were representatives of municipal and city administrations, professors, students and young scientists.

The delegation of JINR presented the JINR main scientific directions, the development of mega-science project NICA, and of DRIBS III and modernizations of the IBR-2 facility.

Reports were made by JINR Vice-director Richard Lednický, and other members of the JINR delegation: Norbert Kucherka, Sergey Nedelko, Vladimir Korenkov, Eugeny Krasavin. In the final speech Jan Dobesh outlined the main conditions of carrying out the students’ practice in JINR for the Czech students and post graduates.

For the delegation of JINR the excursion to COMTEST laboratory and to the NETME center, were organized. There the  work of the Electron Beam Welding Machine EBG 15-80 K26 installation was demonstrated. The delegation also visited the computer center CERIT at Masaryk’s university. There was held a meeting with the management of the faculty. The meeting was dedicated to the discussion of the conditions of cooperation and educational programs for students, and also the participation in the international scientific conferences of young scientists and experts in Dubna. Visit on Faculty of information technologies at Technical University and in Radio biological laboratory Brno took place.

The two-day meetings devoted to the 60-year Anniversary of our institute with representatives of the industry, municipal bodies and universities were directed on drawing attention to the main work fields of JINR and on involvement of young scientists to participation in numerous projects within cooperation between the Czech Republic and JINR.

The JINR Days in the Czech Republic were also fruitful in respect of establishment of new contacts with the industrial enterprises and IT campaigns, and also with the students and graduate students interested in participation in practice in JINR