JINR Days in the Czech Republic. Day One – Prague

News, 02 November 2015

On 22-23 October 2015, the Days of JINR dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of the Institute were held in Charles University in Prague.

Official Opening Ceremony of Days of JINR was preceded by a meeting of the Plenipotentiary of the Czech Republic in JINR Jan Dobes, the Director of Institute of experimental and applied physics Ivan Stekl, the honorable rector of Charles University Ivan Wilhelm and the representative of the Ministry of Education, youth and sports, Department of Research and Development, Hana Dlouha with the Director of JINR Victor Matveev, the Vice-director Grigory Trubnikov and the Head of Department of international relations Dmitry Kamanin.

During the meeting fruitfulness of cooperation between JINR and the Czech scientific organizations within nearly 60 years was especially noted.

The parties exchanged actual information on efforts as to increase the international prestige of institute in the European and world environment, and assured each other of full confidence and desire to further strengthen scientific and technical interaction and to develop joint educational programs.

The Opening Ceremony of "JINR Days in the Czech Republic" took place in the Refectory of the Charles University and collected an extensive audience: delegation of JINR, the staff of the Czech scientific organizations who has been working at JINR in Dubna in different years, representatives of municipality, ministries and departments, commercial organizations. At the Ceremony the representatives of embassies in Prague from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Italy and Russia were present. The Head of the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in the Czech Republic Sergey Stupar made a welcome speech, having noted the importance and success of consolidation of efforts in scientific activity.

The Plenipotentiary of the Czech Republic in JINR Jan Dobes welcomed the audience. The director of JINR Victor Matveev opened the working session of the "JINR Days in the Czech Republic" with the presentation "JINR. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow". JINR Vice-directors Grigory Trubnikov and Richard Lednicky gave reports on the development of the JINR infrastructure and on the research carried-out at present and plans for the future.

The director of Institute of experimental and applied physics of the Czech Technological University Ivan Stekl, acting as the Deputy Plenipotentiary, in the presentation noted the successful cooperation between JINR and the Czech scientific organizations. The special attention in the presentation was paid to educational activity and plans for involving students and graduate students in JINR research, actual organizational tasks were also formulated. The scientific secretary of IEAP CVUT institute Carlos Granja presented a report on effective cooperation with a number of scientific groups of JINR on use of the multi-pixel detectors MEDIPIX.

Further at the session devoted to the development of cooperation of JINR with the industrial enterprises, traditionally organized by Pavel Hedbavny, the Director of Vacuum Prague was held. Short reports on development of basic facilities were made by the the representatives of the Laboratory of nuclear reactions, the Laboratory of high energy physics and the Laboratory of nuclear problems.

On October 23 a part of the JINR delegation visited Brno, and the program in Charles university proceeded by the presentations for students, graduate students and young scientists. The reports on the main activities of JINR laboratories were given by V.A.Matveev, S.N.Dmitriyev, D.V.Peshekhonov, V.N.Shvetsov, V.A.Bednyakov, V.V.Voronov, V.Lisa, I.Sivachek.

Within the framework of the JINR DAYS in Czech Republic an exhibition demonstrating JINR history, as well as posters of Czech industrial major work directions was organized in the Refectory of Charles University. The companies mostly specialize in vacuum technology, experimental physics, machinery and civil engineering.