Presentation of the state award

News, 31 July 2019

On 29 July 2019, a festive awarding of the Medal of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”, 2nd class, to Professor Igor Alekseevich Savin was held at the meeting in the JINR Directorate. Professor Savin is an outstanding scientist in the fields of particle physics and high energy nuclear physics.

He supervised and took part in a set of fundamental experimental research conducted at the JINR Synchrophasotron, accelerators in Protvino, CERN, Germany, and the USA. This research was aimed to solve topical issues of modern physics. All these studies are marked by innovative character and high scientific and methodical levels. Research carried out at the world-largest accelerators with active participation of I. A. Savin played a significant role in the experimental test of quantum chromodynamics, a modern theory of strong interactions.

Сommitment to principles and high personal standards are his outstanding traits. I. Savin is a well-disciplined self-starter, and this is typical of scientists of this generation. Demonstrating excellent professional command, ingenuity, logical reasoning, leadership skills, a talent of an experimentalist, and excellent intuition, he won high recognition among the international scientific community. Participants of the meeting warmly congratulated I. A. Savin on receiving a deserved award.