Prestigious international medal will be named after the Russian physicist Ludwig Faddeev

News, 16 August 2016

The decision to establish a new medal for achievements in science named after the Russian physicist and mathematician, Professor of the St. Petersburg State University Ludwig Faddeev was announced on 11 August 2016 at the The 23rd European Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics.

The decision on the establishment of the medal was dedicated to the 55th anniversary of publication of the work of the scientist “Scattering theory for a three-particle system”. This work made him the founder of a brandnew scientific area, and today, research in this area is the “frontier” of quantum physics.

The establishment of the Ludwig Faddeev medal is an extraordinary event for Russian science. For the first time such a prestigious international award in physics awarded by foreign scientific organizations was named after Russian scientist for the first time. In addition, naming of medals after a scientist within his lifetime is a very rare practice. So far in the history of science there was only one such example: in 1929, the Max Planck medal was established and first awarded to Albert Einstein and Plank himself.

The initiators of the new award were several scientific organizations among which are the European Physical Society and the American Physical Society. It is expected that the medal will be awarded at all international conferences of this series to scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the Quantum Field Theory of Few-Body Systems.

Ludwig Faddeev — graduated from Leningrad University, Professor of the Saint Petersburg State University, headed the Department of higher mathematics and mathematical physics, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, RAS Academician.


RAS Academician Ludwig Faddeev