Problems of Chemical Protection will be discussed in Dubna

News, 29 May 2018

On 30 – 31 May 2018, the International Conference «Radiation Exposure-Related Problems of Chemical Protection and Repair» will be held in Dubna on the basis of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

Specialists engaged in study of mechanisms of radiation damaging effects, problems of repairs of radiation injuries, development, testing and implementation of radioprotective substances will gather for presentations and discussions in the International Conference Hall.

The organizers of the event are: the RAS Scientific Council on Radiobiology, the Laboratory of Radiation Biology JINR, FSUE RPC “Farmzaschita” of Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia, OOO “Special and Medical Equipment”.

The conference topics cover the following areas:

  • New approaches to search, classification and creation of new radioprotective substances.
  • Modern views on mechanisms of repair of radiation injuries and the possibility of their modification.
  • Evaluation criteria for the radiomodifying effect of radioprotective substances, the possibility of their use in experiments and then in hospitals. Identification of markers of drug-enhanced radioresistance.
  • Pharmacochemical protection under the action of dense ionizing radiation. Issues of chemical protection in space flights.
  • Prospects of development and implementation of radiosensitizers, radioprotectors, means of prevention and treatment of side effects of radiation and chemoradiotherapy.
  • Ways to improve pharmaceutical treatment of radiation injuries in hospitals. Modern possibilities of prevention and treatment of major syndromes of radiation lesions, including local, combined and combined lesions, as well as lesions caused by incorporation of radionuclides.
  • Issues of pre-clinical and clinical studies, introduction, production and stockpiling of anti-radiation drugs.