Reception of scientific works for the JINR Prize

Grants, 24 September 2019

Dear JINR staff members, we inform you that reception of scientific papers for participation in the competition for the JINR Prize 2019 is being finished. Scientific works can be submitted in the following sections:

  • “Scientific and reserach theoretical works”,
  • “Scientific and reserch experimental works”,
  • “Scientific-methodological and scientific-technical works”,
  • “Scientific-technical applied works”.

Prizes are awarded for outstanding experimental, methodological and applied works on the topics of the Institute’s research that are at the level of modern science and concluded in the current year.

To participate in the competition, it is necessary to submit published works until the end of September 2019 in two versions to the laboratory’s person in charge as well as send it to the scientific secretary of the laboratory in the digital format. Please, check the exact deadline for submitting the documents and the contact person in your laboratory.

Works selected for participation in the competition will be considered by a special jury consisting of 11 persons appointed each year, including the secretary, for consideration of presented works by the Directorate of the Institute. The jury is represented by members of the Institute’s Directorate and leading scientists. The membership of the jury and the list of scientific works submitted for consideration by the jury is confirmed by JINR Director.

The jury will present the decision of awarding the Prize at the 127th session of the JINR Scientific Council that will take place on 20-21 February 2020.

  Regulation for the JINR Prize (in Russian)