Regulation of work of the Institute until 31 May

Organization, 09 May 2020

Dear colleagues,

The JINR Operational Headquarters for preventing the spread of the coronavirus infection congratulates all employees on the Great Victory Day, a state holiday of the Russian Federation.

Due to the issuance of the order of the JINR Director No. 260 of 08.05.2020 on the working regime from 12 to 31 May, the Operational Headquarters hereby informs you of the following.

1. From 12 to 31 May, the previously introduced suspension of the Institute’s main activities will be maintained. It includes scientific and educational activities, except for continuous activities and work of some specialists supporting them. In order to ensure safety and the subsequent gradual return to scientific research at basic facilities, setting up and commissioning, routine and other mandatory work will be resumed stage by stage due to the order of the Director.

2. Since 12 May, all Institute’s employees will be obliged to keep social distance and use personal respiratory protection equipment (masks, respirators) when being at work, in buildings and in the JINR territory (including the checkpoints of the DLNP and VBLHEP technical sites), when using official transport (except for cases when an employee is in a separate building or in official transport without the presence of other persons).

3. Heads of the JINR structural divisions are responsible for the organization of work in compliance with the anti-epidemiological measures recommended by state bodies. They also shall ensure the monitoring of social distance and the use of personal protection equipment. Moreover, Heads of JINR departments, operation of which was not suspended, shall issue an order on the selection of people authorized to control the compliance with the anti-epidemiological measures.

4. A regular coronavirus testing of employees organized by the Operational Headquarters will be continued.

5. Admission of employees to the DLNP and VBLHEP sites from 12 to 31 May will be possible only with JINR official IDs and on the basis of earlier compiled lists of employees.

Due to the continued high-alert regime in the Moscow region and changes in some of its conditions, please take the following into account.

1. According to the decree of the Governor of the Moscow Region, all earlier imposed restrictions have been prolonged up to 31 May. Up to the indicated date, work of some categories of shops and service organizations is restricted, public and mass events are forbidden. Moreover, self-isolation regime for people aged 65 and older, or with certain diseases, is extended.

2. Staff members of the Institute engaged in maintenance of its continuous activity, as well as those working remotely but periodically involved in work at workplaces, get digital passes for work issued by the Institute on the basis of lists compiled by divisions.

3. Since 12 May, the rules for issuing digital passes for moving using transport will change.
3.1 Digital passes valid up to 11 May will be prolonged until 31 May.
3.2 New digital passes valid after 11 May can be obtained on the Unified portal of state and municipal services ( or by calling the Hotline (8-800-100-70-10 or 8-800-550-50-30). It will be impossible to get digital passes via SMS since 12 May.

4. We remind you that you can travel around the Moscow Region using public transport only paying with a transport card or showing a social card. Payment by other means is impossible. If a transport or social card is not linked to a digital pass, then such a card may be blocked when presented in transport. We highly recommend linking transport and social cards with digital passes via the service:

5. Starting from 12 May 2020, all citizens are obliged to use personal respiratory equipment (masks, respirators) in public places (in shops, pharmacies, public transport, including transportation of passengers and luggage by order, passenger taxi, in all enterprises continuing work, medical organizations).

Head of the Operational Headquarters Grigory Shirkov