Results of JINR individual air rifle shooting competition

Culture, 19 November 2019

On 2 November, an air rifle shooting competition among JINR employees took place in the shooting range at the JINR Stadium “Nauka”. 14 people participated in the competition. Sportsmen were divided into two groups (men and women).

The aim of the competition was to promote physical culture and sports as the most important means of forming a healthy lifestyle, identify the strongest athletes for the formation of the team for participation in city competitions.

The results of the competition are the following:

Among the participating men, A. V. Churakov showed the best result, D. I. Kuspan became the second, and E. B. Titov won the bronze of the competition. In the women competition O. A. Koval became the first, O. A. Kuldoshina showed the second-best result, G. I. Zhanabergen won the third place. Diplomas and medals were awarded to all winners and prize holders of the competition.

Thank everyone for participating! See you soon!

Kirill Pereverziev