Milestones of press conference of Grigory Trubnikov in TASS

News, 10 February 2021

On 9 February 2021, a press conference with Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Grigory Trubnikov took place in TASS. Grigory Trubnikov spoke about JINR, its international specificity, scientific plans, and flagship projects of the Institute, as well as about the JINR contribution to the implementation of the Russian national project “Nauka” and the programme of the Year of Science and Technology in the Russian Federation. Yuri Kukin moderated the press conference on behalf of TASS.

Record of press conference with Grigory Trubnikov in tASS, 9 February 2021

In the framework of the press conference, the speaker presented the fields of the research programme and the Strategic Plan for the Institute’s development for the next decade, the role and evolution of JINR as a site for international scientific dialogue.

When answering the questions from Russian and foreign journalists, the JINR Director spoke about the launch of the largest in the Northern Hemisphere BAIKAL-GVD neutrino telescope scheduled for March, as well as the beginning of the second stage of the NICA complex (being implemented in the framework of the national project “Nauka”) in December 2021. These JINR events were included in the programme of the Year of Science and Technology.

JINR studies in the fields of superheavy elements earned special attention at the press conference. The Institute is ready to start experiments on the synthesis of new elements of the Periodic Table in the foreseeable future.

Speaking about the expected effect of the Year of Science and Technology for Russian science, Grigory Trubnikov noted among other things that events of the Year would help popularize science. “Science is a unique realm, the environment that raises the best representatives of civil society,” the JINR Director added. Academician Trubnikov noted that the Year would attract attention of leaders who determine the vector of the country’s development. In this regard, Grigory Trubnikov highlighted that “only scientific and innovation developments ensure the independence of the country, its technological and social safety.”

Photo © TASS