JINR administration met 95th division NGFC RF commanders

News, 07 December 2018

An extract from the protocol of the joint meeting of the JINR administration and commanders of the 95th division of the National Guard Forces Command of RF on 04.12.18.

About the means of reducing rows at the checkpoints of the DLNP and VBLHEP sites.

As the result of discussions, the following offers were made:

  1. To consider rescheduling of the start of the working day of the JINR staff to distinguish their passage to the sites.
  2. To offer to organizers of events of different levels at the JINR sites to set the start of events not earlier than 10:00 AM. To recommend to the UC and the teaching staff of the Institute to start lessons not earlier than at 10:00 AM.
  3. Administrations of the JINR laboratories should carry out an explanatory work with their staff to minimize the number of large items carried with the staff through the checkpoints, especially in morning hours.
  4. To organize a “green corridor” for the Institute’s staff passing the checkpoints without personal items.
  5. To analyze the schedule of shuttles in morning hours.
  6. To consider the list of prohibited for carrying to the JINR sites items in order to reduce it. If necessary, make appropriate changes to the instruction on the access mode.
  7. To consider the closure of bicycle checkpoints for the intended purpose in the winter period and use them for passing of the staff.
  8. To consider the procedure of supervision of the staff when they exit the JINR sites.
  9. To work on adjustments to the Regulation of NGFC on allocation of extra personnel of the 3559 military unit to provide additional passes at the DLNP and VBLHEP checkpoints.
  10. To carry out registration of one-time passes to the JINR sites from 9.30 AM.
  11. To speed up the process of equipping the perimeter of the DLNP site with means of television surveillance, which will allow to free the personnel of the military unit involved in protection of the perimeter, and to involve them in organization of additional passage to the DLNP checkpoint.
  12. Relevant offices of the Institute should speed up the development and construction of new checkpoints at the sites and equipping them with modern technical means.