Results of the Open Olympiad

Education, 03 October 2019

This academic year in the Physics and Mathematics Open Classroom started with a traditional Open Physics and Mathematics Olympiad. This year, it was organized for the 27th time. 97 schoolchildren of 5-8 grades from Dubna and neighbouring cities took part in it. Participants were offered to solve two variants of tasks: for 6-7 grade students and for 8-grade students. Tasks included exercises on physics and mathematics. Participants of the Olympiad were supposed to solve exercises on both subjects for successful completion of a task.

Results of the Olympiad among 6-7 grade students:

Winner: Taisia Zlotnikova (7th grade, lyceum #6);

Laureates: Daria Razumnaya (5th grade, lyceum #6), Fedor Buben (6th grade, lyceum #6), Ivan Elin (6th grade, gymnasium #8), Georgy Lubashevsky (6th grade, lyceum #6), Maxim Andreev (7th grade, gymnasium #11), Ivan Voronyuk (7th grade, school #9), Vyacheslav Zhabitsky (7th grade, lyceum #6), Ivan Kazacha (7th grade, polis lyceum), Varvara Prokhorova (7th grade, school #7).

Results of the Olympiad among 8 grade students:

Winner: Maxim Lobanov (8th grade, lyceum #6);

Laureate: Svyatoslav Sharov (8th grade, gymnasium #11).

Winners and laureates of the Olympiad got congratulations from the chairman of the Dubna Council of Deputies Sergey A. Kulikov and Deputy of the City Council Mark V. Shirchenko. We express our gratitude to the staff members of the school #9 for help in organizing the Olympiad and regular classes of the Open Classroom.