Review journal Particles & Nuclei, #3 (Vol. 51) 2020

Publications, 19 June 2020

Founded in 1970, the review journal Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, brief name Particles & Nuclei, is published by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna. This is the most influential physical review journal in Russia. Published by leading physicists from Member States of JINR, as well as scientists from all over the world, review articles in this eminent journal examine elementary particle physics, problems of vacuum in quantum field theory, condensed matter problems, symmetries in physics, string theories and gravity, nuclear physics, automatic processing of experimental data, accelerators and related instrumentation, accelerator-based transmutation studies, ecological implications of present nuclear and conventional energy sources, energy amplifiers based on accelerators. The journal provides review articles in Russian and in English. Note: all volumes are translated into English and published by the Nauka/Interperiodika International Academic Publishing House. The translation journal appears under the name Physics of Particles and Nuclei. Annualy 6 issues are published joined in one volume. In 2000-2004, the journal had a supplementary issue in addition to the six regular issues. The Editors invite you to contribute review articles and guarantee rapid publication of your papers.

Issue #3 2020 (Vol. 51)

Lednický R.
Correlation Femtoscopy: Origins and Achievements

Abstracts (eng, 48 Kb)
Csörgő T., Pasechnik R., Ster A.
Model-Independent Femtoscopic Lévy Imaging for Elastic Proton—Proton Scattering

Abstracts (eng, 67 Kb)
Tomášik B., Cimerman J.
Prospects of Event Shape Sorting

Abstracts (eng, 52 Kb)
Csanád M., Lökös S., Nagy M.
Expanded Empirical Formula for Coulomb Final State Interaction in the Presence of Lévy Sources

Abstracts (eng, 56 Kb)
Kasza G., Csörgő T.
Lifetime Estimations and a Nonmonotonic Initial Energy Density in Heavy Ion Collisions at RHIC and LHC

Abstracts (eng, 63 Kb)
Nigmatkulov G. for the STAR Collaboration
Femtoscopic Probes with Strange Particles in STAR

Abstracts (eng, 49 Kb)
Batyuk P. N., Malinina L. V., Mikhaylov K. R., Nigmatkulov G. A.
Femtoscopy with Identified Charged Particles for the NICA Energy Range

Abstracts (eng, 60 Kb)
Sinyukov Yu. M., Adzhymambetov M. D., Shapoval V. M., Naboka V. Yu.
Femtoscopic Structure of Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions in the Integrated Hydrokinetic Model

Abstracts (eng, 65 Kb)
Kurgyis B. for the PHENIX Collaboration
Three-Particle Lévy HBT from PHENIX

Abstracts (eng, 59 Kb)
Kincses D. for the STAR Collaboration
Shape Analysis of HBT Correlations at STAR

Abstracts (eng, 50 Kb)
Khyzhniak E. for the STAR Collaboration
Azimuthally-Differential Pion Femtoscopy in Cu + Au and Au + Au Collisions at √sNN = 200 GeV in the STAR Experiment

Abstracts (eng, 62 Kb)
Csanád M., Nagy M. I., Jiang Ze-Fang, Csörgő T.
New Solutions of Viscous Relativistic Hydrodynamics

Abstracts (eng, 52 Kb)
Pawlowska D. for the STAR Collaboration
Neutral Kaon Femtoscopy in STAR

Abstracts (eng, 55 Kb)
Cimerman J., Tomášik B., Plumberg Ch.
The Shape of the Correlation Function

Abstracts (eng, 56 Kb)
Greifenhagen R. for the HADES Collaboration
Two-Pion Intensity Interferometry in Noncentral Collisions of Au + Au at 1.23 A GeV

Abstracts (eng, 56 Kb)
Janik M. for the ALICE Collaboration
Overview of Recent Correlation Measurements with ALICE

Abstracts (eng, 48 Kb)
Golosov O., Klochkov V., Kashirin E., Selyuzhenkov I. for the CBM Collaboration
Physics Performance Studies for Anisotropic Flow Measurements in the CBM Experiment at FAIR

Abstracts (eng, 60 Kb)
Kashirin E., Selyuzhenkov I., Golosov O., Klochkov V. for the NA49 and NA61/SHINE Collaborations
Anisotropic Flow Measurements from the NA61/SHINE and NA49 Beam Momentum Scan Programs at CERN SPS

Abstracts (eng, 66 Kb)
Stefaniak M. for the STAR Collaboration
Investigation of Particle–Antiparticle Elliptic Flow Difference in the STAR Experiment

Abstracts (eng, 49 Kb)
Taranenko A., Parfenov P., Truttse A.
Anisotropic Flow Measurements at NICA Energies

Abstracts (eng, 53 Kb)
Altsybeev I.
Application of Principal Component Analysis to Establish a Proper Basis for Flow Studies in Heavy-Ion Collisions

Abstracts (eng, 49 Kb)
Belokurova S. N., Vechernin V. V.
Calculation of Long-Range Rapidity Correlations in the Model with String Fusion on a Transverse Lattice

Abstracts (eng, 54 Kb)
Prokhorova D. S., Kovalenko V. N.
Study of Forward—Backward Multiplicity Fluctuations and Correlations with Pseudorapidity

Abstracts (eng, 48 Kb)
Mudrokh A. A., Kolesnikov V. I., Vasendina V. A., Kireyeu V. A.
Prospects for the Study of Event-by-Event Fluctuations and Strangeness Production with the MPD Detector at NICA

Abstracts (eng, 53 Kb)
Seryakov A. Yu., Uzhva D. R.
Convolutional Neural Network for Centrality Determination in Fixed-Target Experiments

Abstracts (eng, 58 Kb)
Andronov E., Vechernin V.
Multiplicity Correlations with Strongly Intensive Quantities

Abstracts (eng, 46 Kb)
González V. for the ALICE Collaboration
Two-Particle Transverse Momentum Correlations in Pb—Pb Collisions at √sNN = 2.76 TeV

Abstracts (eng, 61 Kb)
Boldizsár B.
Analytic Model Studies of Polarized Baryon Production

Abstracts (eng, 48 Kb)
Slavnov D. A.
Model of the Atom with a Bose Condensate
(227 Kb)
Ulybyshev M. V., Dorozhinsky V. I., Pavlovsky O. V.
On the Use of Neural Networks to Solve the Sign Problem in Physical Models
(1.415 Kb)