Review journal Particles & Nuclei, #3 (Vol. 54) 2023

Publications, 07 June 2023

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Issue #3 2023 (Vol. 54)

LXXI Inernational Conference «Nucleus-2021. Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particle Physics. Nuclear Physics Technologies». Materials
Saint Petersburg, September 20–25, 2021

Ivanishchev D. A., Kotov D. O., Kryshen E. L., Malaev M. V., Riabov V. G., Ryabov Yu. G.
Hadronic Resonances as Probes of the Late Hadronic Phase in Heavy-Ion Collisions at NICA Energies
(rus, 325 Kb)
Khruschov V. V., Fomichev S. V.
Interpretation of the XENON1T Excess in the Decaying Sterile Neutrinos Model
(rus, 191 Kb)
Larionova D. M., Berdnikov A. Ya., Berdnikov Ya. A., Kotov D. O., Mitrankov Iu. M., Rodriguez-Aguilar B.
Measurement of Charged Hadron Production in Relativistic Ion Collision Systems
(rus, 284 Kb)
Prokhvatilov E. V., Lebedev I. A., Malyshev M. Yu.
Search for Hadron Models in Quantum Field Theory on the Light Front
(rus, 182 Kb)
Mezhenska O., Janek M., Ladygin V., Piyadin S., Gurchin Yu., Isupov A., Karachuk Ju.-T., Khrenov A., Kurilkin P., Livanov A., Reznikov S., Terekhin A., Urban J.
Investigation of the dp-Breakup Reaction at Intermediate Energies at Nuclotron

Abstracts (eng, 38 Kb)
Obikhod T., Petrenko I.
Searches for Heavy Higgs Bosons in the Framework of 2HDM Model

Abstracts (eng, 32 Kb)
Platonova M. N.
Dibaryon Resonances and Three-Body Forces in Large-Angle pd Elastic Scattering at Intermediate Energies
(rus, 32 Kb)
Prokhorova D., Andronov E.
Study of Multiplicity and Transverse Momentum Fluctuations in the Monte Carlo Model of Interacting Quark–Gluon Strings

Abstracts (eng, 30 Kb)
Semenov S. V., Khruschov V. V., Fomichev S. V.
On Determination of 82Se Two-Neutrino Double Beta Decay Mechanism and Sterile Neutrinos Contribution
(rus, 193 Kb)
Shalaev V. V., Shmatov S. V.
Physics of Standard Model with the CMS Experiment at the LHC
(rus, 543 Kb)
Afonin S. S., Solomko T. D.
Theory of Holographic Models for Linear Regge Trajectories and Its Applications

Abstracts (eng, 27 Kb)
Lutostanky Yu. S., Koroteev G. A., Lutostanky A. Yu., Osipenko A. P., Tikhonov V. N., Fazliakhmetov A. N.
Resonant Structure of the Neutrino Capture Cross Section and Double Beta Decay of 100Мо Nuclei
(rus, 244 Kb)
Berdnikov A. Ya., Berdnikov Ya. A., Kotov D. O., Mitrankov Iu. M., Borisov V. S.
Production of K(892)*0 Mesons in Small Collision Systems in PHENIX Experiment
(rus, 241 Kb)
Galaktionov K., Roudnev V., Valiev F.
Application of Neural Networks for Event-Wise Evaluation of the Impact Parameter
(rus, 173 Kb)
Driuk A., Merts S., Nemnyugin S.
The Realistic Effects Implementation in the Simulation Procedure of the GEM Detectors Work for the SRC Experiment

Abstracts (eng, 32 Kb)
D’yachenko A. T., Mitropolsky I. A.
Description of Spectra of Cumulative Protons, Pions, and Photons in Collisions of Intermediate Energy Heavy Ions Based on an Equally Asymmetric Hydrodynamic Approach
(rus, 499 Kb)
D’yachenko A. T., Verisokina A. A., Verisokina M. A.
Transverse Momentum Distributions of Secondary Particles in High-Energy Collisions of Protons and Nuclei and the Possibility of Detecting Dark Matter Particles in the Spectra of Soft Photons
(rus, 218 Kb)
Abramov A. V., Chepurnov A. S., Etenko A. V., Gromov M. B., Konstantinov A. V., Kuznetsov D. S., Litvinovich E. A., Lukyanchenko G. A., Machulin I. N., Murchenko A. E., Nemeryuk A. M., Nugmanov R. R., Obinyakov B. A., Oralbayev A. Yu., Rastimeshin A. A., Skorokhvatov M. D., Sukhotin S. V.
IDREAM Detector at Kalinin NPP: Status and Perspectives
(rus, 282 Kb)
Driuk A.V., Mashitsin K. I., Merts S. P., Nemnyugin S. A.
Particle Identification Method in the BM@N Experiment

Abstracts (eng, 33 Kb)
Monakhov V. V., Kozhedub A. V.
Multidimensional Spinors, Invariant Form and the Dirac Equation
(rus, 172 Kb)
Bunakov V. E.
On the True and Fictitious Enhancements of the Fundamental Symmetry Breaking Effects
(rus, 89 Kb)
Bunin P. D. for the CMS Collaboration
Upgrade of the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) Detector
(rus, 694 Kb)
Gaidarov M. K., Lukyanov K. V., Zemlyanaya E. V., Lukyanov V. K., Kadrev D. N., Antonov A. N.
Microscopic Analysis of Elastic Scattering of One-Proton Halo Nucleus 17F on Different Mass Targets

Abstracts (eng, 33 Kb)
Khyzhniak E. for the STAR Collaboration
Pion Femtoscopy in p/d + Au Collisions at √sNN= 200 GeV in the STAR Experiment

Abstracts (eng, 37 Kb)
Mikhailova T. I., Erdemchimeg B., Di Toro M., Wolter H. H.
Characteristics of Heavy-Ion Fragmentation Reactions at Fermi Energies

Abstracts (eng, 37 Kb)
Nekrasova E. for the ALICE Collaboration
Neutral Pion Event-by-Event Fluctuations

Abstracts (eng, 36 Kb)
Rodriguez-Aguilar B., Berdnikov Ya., Egorov A., Larionova D.
A Light-Front AdS/QCD Quark—Diquark Nucleon Model in Proton—Proton and Heavy-Ion Collisions

Abstracts (eng, 40 Kb)
Vechernin V. V.
Correlation of Cumulative Particle Production with Strange and Heavy-Flavor Particle Yields in the String Fusion Model

Abstracts (eng, 31 Kb)
Belokurova S. N., Vechernin V. V.
Strongly Intense Observables as a Tool for Studying Clusters of Quark—Gluon Strings in Relativistic Hadronic Interactions
(rus, 179 Kb)
Panov I. V.
Fission Fragment Distribution and Heavy Nuclei Nucleosynthesis
(rus, 157 Kb)
Fazliakhmetov A. N., Lutostansky Yu. S., Koroteev G. A., Osipenko A. P., Tikhonov V. N.
Some Aspects of Fermi Functions and Neutrino Capture Cross Sections
(rus, 279 Kb)
Arbuzov A. B., Bondarenko S. mG., Dydyshka Ya. V., Kalinovskaya L. V., Sadykov R. R., Yermolchyk V. L., Yermolchyk Yu. V.
Electroweak Effects in Neutral Current Drell—Yan Process within the SANC System
(rus, 143 Kb)
Perepelkin E. E., Sadovnikov B. I., Inozemtseva N. G., Aleksandrov I. I., Polyakova R. V., Panacik V. A.
The Properties of the Third Vlasov Equation
(rus, 251 Kb)