Review journal Particles & Nuclei, #4 (Vol. 51) 2020

Publications, 04 September 2020

Founded in 1970, the review journal Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, brief name Particles & Nuclei, is published by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna. This is the most influential physical review journal in Russia. Published by leading physicists from Member States of JINR, as well as scientists from all over the world, review articles in this eminent journal examine elementary particle physics, problems of vacuum in quantum field theory, condensed matter problems, symmetries in physics, string theories and gravity, nuclear physics, automatic processing of experimental data, accelerators and related instrumentation, accelerator-based transmutation studies, ecological implications of present nuclear and conventional energy sources, energy amplifiers based on accelerators. The journal provides review articles in Russian and in English. Note: all volumes are translated into English and published by the Nauka/Interperiodika International Academic Publishing House. The translation journal appears under the name Physics of Particles and Nuclei. Annualy 6 issues are published joined in one volume. In 2000-2004, the journal had a supplementary issue in addition to the six regular issues. The Editors invite you to contribute review articles and guarantee rapid publication of your papers.

Issue #4 2020 (Vol. 51)

Ilkaev R. I., Shagaliev R. M.
Nikolai Nikolaevich Bogolyubov, an Outstanding Scientist, the Founder of the KB-11 Mathematical School
(1.329.637 Kb)
Accardi L., Ella A. E., Lu Yu. G.
Characterization of Product States on Polynomial Algebras in Terms of Scalar Products of the Associated n-Particle Vectors

Abstracts (eng, 54 Kb)
Tang R., Bai Ch., Guo L., Sheng Yu.
Deformations and Homotopy of Rota-Baxter Operators and 𝒪-Operators on Lie Algebras

Abstracts (eng, 54 Kb)
Dobrev V. K.
Parabolic Verma Modules and Invariant Differential Operators

Abstracts (eng, 46 Kb)
Exner P.
Dirac Operators with a δ-Shell Interaction

Abstracts (eng, 48 Kb)
Savvidy G.
Maximally Chaotic Dynamical Systems of Anosov—Kolmogorov

Abstracts (eng, 54 Kb)
Zagrebnov V. A.
Trotter—Kato Product Formulae in Normed Ideals

Abstracts (eng, 46 Kb)
Belokurov V. V., Shavgulidze E. T.
Functional Integration over the Factor-Space Diff1+(S1)/SL(2,R)
(156.395 Kb)
Bogoliubov N. M.
Four-Vertex Model in the Linearly Growing External Field under the Fixed and Periodic Boundary Conditions
(189.024 Kb)
Bogolubov N. N., Jr., Prorok D., Prykarpatski A. K.
Integrability Aspects of the Current Algebra Representation and the Factorized Quantum Nonlinear Schrödinger-Type Dynamical Systems

Abstracts (eng, 56 Kb)
Abbasli N., Abgaryan V., Bures M., Khvedelidze A., Rogojin I., Torosyan A.
On Measures of Classicality/Quantumness in Quasiprobability Representations of Finite-Dimensional Quantum Systems

Abstracts (eng, 57 Kb)
Inozemcev O.
On Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis

Abstracts (eng, 43 Kb)
Kozyrev S. V.
q-Deformation and Free Statistics for Interaction of a Field and a Particle
(167.168 Kb)
Mayburov S. N.
Nuclear Decay Oscillations and Nonlinear Quantum Dynamics

Abstracts (eng, 52 Kb)
Morzhin O. V., Pechen A. N.
Maximization of the Uhlmann—Jozsa Fidelity for an Open Two-Level Quantum System with Coherent and Incoherent Controls
(282.604 Kb)
Pupyshev V. V.
Bohr—Zommerfeld Quantization Rule in the Case of Two-Dimensional Movement of a Quantum Particle in the Field of Decreasing Power Potential
(282.604 Kb)
Stukopin V. A.
Representation Theory of the Yangian of the Lie Superalgebra and the Quantum Loop Superalgebra
(184.091 Kb)
Teretenkov A. E.
Exact Non-Markovian Evolution with Multiple Reservoirs
(158.135 Kb)
Zelenov E. I.
Entropy Gain in p-Adic Quantum Channels
(141.124 Kb)
Aref’eva I. Ya.
Holography for Nonperturbative Study of QFT

Abstracts (eng, 46 Kb)
Fadin V. S.
BFKL Equation: Status and Problems
(157.098 Kb)
Kazakov D. I.
Bogolyubov -Operation in Non-Renormalizable Theories
(165.523 Kb)
Spiridonov V. P.
Superconformal Indices, Seiberg Dualities and Special Functions
(279.921 Kb)
Zakharov V. I., Prokhorov G. Yu., Teryaev O. V.
Manifestations of Quantum Anomalies of Field Theory in Quantum Statistical Mechanics
(174.184 Kb)
Altaisky M. V.
Multiscale Gauge Invariance
(176.598 Kb)
Arbuzov B. A.
N. N. Bogolyubov Compensation Principle and an Anomalous Interaction of the Electro-Weak Bosons
(170.200 Kb)
Bork L. V., Onishchenko A. I.
Pentagon OPE Resummation in N = 4 SYM: One Effective Particle and MHV Amplitude

Abstracts (eng, 58 Kb)
Aref’eva I. Ya., Golubtsova A. A., Gourgoulhon E.
On the Drag Force of a Heavy Quark via 5d Ker—AdS Background

Abstracts (eng, 55 Kb)
Gromov N. A.
Standard Model at High Energies from the Contraction of Its Gauge Group
(302.369 Kb)
Buchbinder I. L., Isaev A. P., Fedoruk S.
Massless Infinite Spin Representations
(163.155 Kb)
Ivanov E. A., Lechtenfeld O., Fedoruk S.
Supersymmetric Calogero Models from Superfield Gauging
(170.089 Kb)
Khramtsov M. A.
Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in the Sachdev—Ye—Kitaev Model
(220.064 Kb)
Kotikov A. V., Teber S.
Landau—Khalatnikov—Fradkin Transformation and Hatted ζ Values

Abstracts (eng, 53 Kb)
Lenshina N. D., Radionov A. A., Tkachov F. V.
MS4: An Alternative to the BPHZ Theory
(154.975 Kb)
Machavariani A.
Bogolyubov—Medvedev—Polivanov S-Matrix Method and Its Applications for the Few-Body Systems and High Energy Physics
(188.274 Kb)
Pismak Yu. M., Shakhova O. Yu.
Interaction of Massless Dirac Field with 2D-Material in a Model Constructed in the Framework of Symanzik Approach
(153.422 Kb)
Plyushchay M. S.
Exotic Nonlinear Supersymmetry and Integrable Systems

Abstracts (eng, 53 Kb)
Marchuk N. G., Shirokov D. S.
On Some Equations Modeling the Yang—Mills Equations
(157.461 Kb)
Smolyansky S. A., Fedotov A. M., Dmitriev V. V.
BBGKY Method in Strong Field QED

Abstracts (eng, 53 Kb)
Stepanyantz K. V.
NSVZ Relation and NSVZ Scheme in N = 1 Non-Abelian Supersymmetric Gauge Theories
(164.254 Kb)
Radionov A. A., Tkachov F. V.
Breaking the 2-Loop Barrier for Generalized IBP Reduction
(136.729 Kb)
Volchanskiy N. I., Mikhailov S. V.
Two-Loop Kite Master Integral for a Correlator of Two Composite Vertices
(171.376 Kb)
Volobuev I. P., Egorov V. O.
Quantum Field Theory beyond the S-Matrix Formalism
(176.448 Kb)
Boos E. E.
SMEFT Approach to Physics beyond the Standard Model
(168.708 Kb)
Galkin V. O., Faustov R. N.
Semileptonic Decays of Heavy Baryons
(259.541 Kb)
Achasov N. N.
Fate of Light Scalar Mesons

Abstracts (eng, 44 Kb)
Bednyakov A. V., Mukhaeva A. I.
Light Scalars in NMSSM and B → K*ll Angular Observables
(369.709 Kb)
Aleksejev A. G., Barkanova S. G., Bystritskiy Yu. M., Zykunov V. A.
Electroweak Radiative Corrections to Bhabha Scattering at One-Loop Level for Belle II Experiment
(282.803 Kb)
Das C. R., Kärkkäinen T. J., Huitu K.
Neutrino Mass and Singlet in BSM

Abstracts (eng, 59 Kb)
Dorokhov A. E., Martynenko A. P., Martynenko F. A., Radzhabov A. E.
Nuclear Structure Correction to Hyperfine Splitting in Light Muonic Ions

Abstracts (eng, 58 Kb)
Galkin V. O., Faustov R. N.
Heavy Baryon Spectroscopy
(285.902 Kb)
Ganbold G.
Mesons and Glueballs, the Strong Effective Coupling within Analytic Confinement

Abstracts (eng, 58 Kb)
Henner V. K., Belozerova T. S.
Analysis of Overlapping Resonances Using the K-Matrix and Brei—Wigner Methods
(339.595 Kb)
Ivanov M. A., K&oumlrner J. G., Lyubovitskij V. E.
Nonleptonic Decays of Doubly Charmed Baryons
(253.338 Kb)
Jenkovszky L.
Quarks, Gluons and Glueballs

Abstracts (eng, 46 Kb)
Korobov V. I.
Spectroscopy of HD+: The Proton Charge Radius and Rydberg Constant
(849.234 Kb)
Krasnikov N. V.
The Search for Light Dark Matter at the NA64 Experiment

Abstracts (eng, 53 Kb)
Nesterenko A. V.
R-Ratio of e+eHadrons: Explicit Form

Abstracts (eng, 47 Kb)
Nevzorov R., Thomas A. W.
E6 Inspired Composite Higgs Model and Baryon Asymmetry Generation

Abstracts (eng, 65 Kb)
Nefedov M. A., Saleev V. A.
Two-Jet Correlations in Multi-Jet Events in the Regge Limit in QCD
(415.002 Kb)
Volkov M. K., Arbuzov A. B., Nurlan K., Pivovarov A. A.
Decays τ → K*πν and τ → [φ,ω] Kν in the Extended Nambu—Jona–Lasinio Model
(211.403 Kb)
Alvarez-Castillo D., Ayriyan A., Gábor Barnaföldi G., Pósfay P.
Studying the Landau Mass Parameter of the Extended Sigma Model for Neutron Star Matter

Abstracts (eng, 59 Kb)
Berezin V. A., Dokuchaev V. I., Eroshenko Yu. N., Smirnov A. L.
Double Layer in Quadratic Gravity and Least Action Principle
(131.751 Kb)
Fursaev D. V.
Massless Cosmic Strings in Spacetimes with Global Parabolic Isometries

Abstracts (eng, 50 Kb)
Nurmagambetov A. J.
Quantum Leaps in the Vicinity of One-Loop Gravity Black Holes
(140.879 Kb)
Vernov S. Yu., Ivanov V. R., Pozdeeva E. O.
Superpotential Method for F(R) Cosmological Models
(165.820 Kb)
Zakharov A. F.
Tests of Gravity Theories Using Observations of the Galactic Center and the Center of the Galaxy M87
(163.672 Kb)
Zheltukhin A. A.
Brane Mechanism of Spontaneously Generated Gravity

Abstracts (eng, 54 Kb)
Bogolubov N. N., Jr., Soldatov A. V.
EM Field Frequency Down-Conversion in a Quantum Two-Level System Damped by Squeezed Vacuum Reservoir

Abstracts (eng, 48 Kb)
Kuzemsky A. L.
Time Evolution of Open Nonequilibrium Systems and Irreversibility

Abstracts (eng, 48 Kb)
Manko V. I., Manko O. V., Chernega V. N.
Conventional Quantum Statistics with Probability Distribution Describing Quantum System States
(193.807 Kb)
Rasulova M. Yu.
Set of Quantum Kinetic BBGKY Equations and Its Application in Cryptography
(147.927 Kb)
Ryzhov V. N., Gaiduk E. A., Tareyeva E. E., Fomin Yu. D., Tsiok E. N.
Berezinskii—Kosterlitz—Thouless Transition and Melting Scenarios of Two-Dimensional Systems
(314.507 Kb)
Trushechkin A. S.
On a Proof of Existence of Microscopic Solutions of the Boltzmann—Enskog Kinetic Equation
(156.993 Kb)
Plakida N. M.
Superconductivity in Electronic Systems with Strong Correlations

Abstracts (eng, 50 Kb)
Bru J.-B., de Siqueira Pedra W.
Macroscopic Dynamics of the Strong-Coupling BCS—Hubbard Model

Abstracts (eng, 53 Kb)
Chevizovich D., Ivić Z., Chizhov A.
On the Propagation of Short Electromagnetic Pulses through Quantum Metamaterials

Abstracts (eng, 54 Kb)
Jurčišinová E., Jurčišin M., Remecký R.
Anomalous Dimensions of Leading Composite Operators in the Kinematic MHD Turbulence: Two-Loop Renormalization Group Analysis

Abstracts (eng, 53 Kb)
Shukrinov Yu. M., Rahmonov I. R.
Resonance Features of Josephson Junction with Ferromagnet
(540.449 Kb)
Yukalov V. I., Yukalova E. P.
Hartree—Fock—Bogolubov Method in the Theory of Bose-Condensed Systems

Abstracts (eng, 53 Kb)