Review journal Particles & Nuclei, #4 (Vol. 54) 2023

Publications, 18 July 2023

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Issue #4 2023 (Vol. 54)

Materials of the LXXI International Conference “Nucleus-2021. Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particle Physics. Nuclear Physics Technologies”.
Saint Petersburg, 20–25 September 2021

Alpatov E. for the STAR Collaboration
Global Polarization of Ξ Hyperons in Au + Au Collisions from the STAR Experiment

(eng, 36 Kb)
Bliznyuk U. А., Borshchegovskaya P. Yu., Zolotov S. А., Ipatova V. S., Krusanov G. A., Nikitchenko А. D., Studenikin F. R., Chernyaev А. P.
Reconstruction of Depth Dose Distributions in Material Created by Electron Beam
(280 Kb)
Borzov I. N.
Self-Consistent Study of the Ground State and β-Decay Properties in C, N, O Region

(eng, 36 Kb)
Borzov I. N., Tolokonnikov S. V.
Self-Consistent Calculation of Nuclear Charge Radii in K Isotopes

(eng, 32 Kb)
Burmasov N. A., Kryshen E. L., Bühler P., Lavicka R.
Feasibility Studies of τ-Lepton Anomalous Moment Measurements with Ultra-Peripheral Collisions at the LHC
(264 Kb)
Janek M., Ladygin V. P., Mezhenska O., Averyanov A. V., Chernykh E. V., Enache D. D., Gurchin Yu. V., Isupov A. Yu., Karachuk J.-T., Khrenov A. N., Krivenkov D. O., Kurilkin P. K., Ladygina N. B., Livanov A. N., Piyadin S. M., Reznikov S. G., Skhomenko Yu. T., Terekhin A. A., Tishevsky A. V., Uesaka T., Urban J., Volkov I. S.
Short-Range Correlations Investigated by DSS Collaboration in Deuteron-Involved Reactions

(eng, 34 Kb)
Kondratyev V. N., Torekhan D., Cherubini S.
Nuclear Inelastic Scattering Effect in Spectra of Neutrinos at Regime of Weak Coupling with Matter
(223 Kb)
Kozyrev N., Svetlichnyi A., Nepeivoda R., Pshenichnov I.
Spectator Matter in Collisions of Relativistic Deformed Nuclei
(264 Kb)
Kryshen E. L., Burmasov N. A., Ivanishchev D. A., Kotov D. O., Malaev M. V., Riabov V. G., Ryabov Yu. G.
Prospects of Photon Conversion Measurements in the Future MPD Experiment at NICA
(577 Kb)
Povarov A. S. for the STAR Collaboration
Scaling of Collective Flow of Charged and Identified Hadrons in Au + Au Collisions at √sNN = 11.5 – 62.4 GeV from the STAR Experiment

(eng, 38 Kb)
Achasov M. N., Barnyakov A. Yu., Beloborodov K. I., Berdyugin A. V., Bogdanchikov A. G., Botov A. A., Dimova T. V., Druzhinin V. P., Kardapoltsev L. V., Kharlamov A. G., Korol A. A., Kovrizhin D. P., Kupich A. S., Melnikova N. A., Muchnoy N. Yu., Obrazovsky A. E., Pakhtusova E. V., Pugachev K. V., Serednyakov S. I., Shtol D. A., Silagadze Z. K., Surin I. K., Usov Yu. V., Zhabin V. N., Zhulanov V. V.
Experimental Study of the e+e → nn¯ Process at the VEPP-2000 Collider with the SND Detector

(eng, 40 Kb)
Shabelski Yu. M., Shuvaev A. G.
New Approach to Glauber Theory Description of Nucleus—Nucleus Scattering

(eng, 26 Kb)
Terekhin A. A., Volkov I. S., Gurchin Yu. V., Isupov A. Yu., Ladygin V. P., Reznikov S. G., Tishevsky A. V., Khrenov A. N., Janek М.
Proton Polarimeter at the Internal Target Station at the JINR Nuclotron
(281 Kb)
Tokarev M. V., Zborovský I.
z-Scaling: Search for Signatures of Phase Transition in Nuclear Matter

(eng, 39 Kb)
Galoyan A., Ribon A., Uzhinsky V. on behalf of the Geant4 hadronic physics working group
Geant4 FTF Model Description of the Latest Data by the NA61/SHINE Collaboration on 40Ar + 45Sc Interactions
(459 Kb)
Baranov D., Kapishin M., Senger P., Vasendina V., Zinchenko A.
A Monte Carlo Simulation of the BM@N Detector Performance for Strangeness Production Studies in Heavy-Ion Interactions

(eng, 32 Kb)
Nemnyugin S., Driuk A., Merts S., Myasnikov A., Stepanova M., Iufryakova A.
Implementation of High-Performance Computing Technologies in the BmnRoot Framework

(eng, 32 Kb)
Panov I. V.
Beta-Decay Rate Is an Important Factor of the r-Process Heavy Nuclei Formation
(511 Kb)
Kohoutova A., Rodin A. M., Krupa L., Chernysheva E. V., Gulyaev A. V., Gulyaeva A. V., Holik M., Kliman J., Kohout P., Komarov A. B., Novoselov A. S., Opichal A., Pechousek J., Podshibyakin A. V., Salamatin V. S., Stepantsov S. V., Vedeneev V. Yu., Yukhimchuk S. A.
Separation Efficiency and Separation Time of Mass Separator MASHA Measured for Radon and Mercury Isotopes

(eng, 36 Kb)
Vértesi R. for the ALICE Collaboration
Jet Substructure Measurements with ALICE

(eng, 33 Kb)
Agarwal A., Kumar Jashwal A., Rizvi I. A., Kumar R., Chaubey A. K.
A Systematic Study of Excitation Functions of Various Evaporation Residues in Heavy Ion Reactions at Moderate Excitation Energy: Incomplete Fusion vs Complete Fusion

(eng, 41 Kb)
Chernitskii A. A.
About Leptons in Theory of Space-Time Film
(249 Kb)
Suleymanov M.
Energy and Mass Dependences for the Characteristics of pT Regions Observed at LHC Energies

(eng, 41 Kb)
Trzupek A. on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Collective Dynamics of Heavy Ion Collisions in ATLAS

(eng, 33 Kb)
Valiev F. F.
Modeling of Cherenkov Radiation in Semi-Classical Approach
(359 Kb)
Sandul V. S., Feofilov G. A., Valiev F. F.
Study of Performance of Fast Beam—Beam Collision Monitor System with MC Simulations and Machine Learning Methods
(271 Kb)
Drozd A. V., Kalinichenko N. I., Makarov N. A., Valiev F. F., Feofilov G. A., Yafyasov A. M.
Microchannel Plates with Thin Al2O3 Layers for FBBC Monitor
(1.115 Kb)
Sheremetev A. D., Ceballos C., Murin Yu. A.
MPD-ITS Current Status

(eng, 31 Kb)
Sunar Cerci D., Cerci S., Aydilek О., Ozkorucuklu S., Zorbilmez C., Selivanova D. A., Popova E. V., Ilyin A. L.
Geant4 Study for Geometry of Quartz Fiber Luminometer at CMS HL-LHC

(eng, 31 Kb)
Hamdaoui H. on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Ultra-Peripheral Physics with ATLAS

(eng, 29 Kb)
Lukyanov V. K., Zemlyanaya E. V., Lukyanov K. ,V., Abdul-Magead I.
Theoretical Analysis of Pion-Nuclear Scattering at Energies in the Region of Pion—Nucleon (3,3)-Resonance
(1.608 Kb)
Aksenov V. L., Zhaketov V. D., Nikitenko Yu. V.
Neutron Reflectometry with Registration of a Secondary Radiation. Particle-Wave Method for Definition of Isotope Density Distribution
(1.877 Kb)
Koshurnikov E. K., Gikal K. B., Gulbekyan G. G., Cuneo S., Okhrimenko V. Yu., Solovyov D. I., Torazza D.
Magnetic System of the Gas-Filled Separator GASSOL for Studying the Properties of Superheavy Elements
(912 Kb)
Atanov N. V., Bednyakov I. V., Budagov Yu. A., Glagolev V. V., Klemeshov Yu. V., Krasnoperov A. V., Kuzkin A. M., Lyablin M. V., Ni R. V., Pluzhnikov A. A., Polyakov K. D., Seletsky A. A., Trubnikov G. V., Di Girolamo B.
Compact Precision Laser Inclinometer: Measurement of Signals and Noise

(1.974 Kb)