Review journal Particles & Nuclei, #5 (Vol. 50) 2019

Publications, 23 September 2019

Founded in 1970, the review journal Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, brief name Particles & Nuclei, is published by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna. This is the most influential physical review journal in Russia. Published by leading physicists from Member States of JINR, as well as scientists from all over the world, review articles in this eminent journal examine elementary particle physics, problems of vacuum in quantum field theory, condensed matter problems, symmetries in physics, string theories and gravity, nuclear physics, automatic processing of experimental data, accelerators and related instrumentation, accelerator-based transmutation studies, ecological implications of present nuclear and conventional energy sources, energy amplifiers based on accelerators. The journal provides review articles in Russian and in English. Note: all volumes are translated into English and published by the Nauka/Interperiodika International Academic Publishing House. The translation journal appears under the name Physics of Particles and Nuclei. Annualy 6 issues are published joined in one volume. In 2000-2004, the journal had a supplementary issue in addition to the six regular issues. The Editors invite you to contribute review articles and guarantee rapid publication of your papers.

Issue #5 2019 (Vol. 50)

Jude T. C., Alef S., Bauer P., Beck R., Cole P., Di Salvo R., Elsner D., Fantini A., Freyermuth O., Ghio F., Gridnev A., Hammann D., Hannappel J., Kohl K., Kozlenko N., Lapik A., Levi Sandri P., Lisin V., Mandaglio G., Messi R., Moricciani D., Nedorezov V., Novinskiy D., Pedroni P., Polonski A., Reitz B., Romaniuk M., Scheluchin G., Schmieden H., Sumachev V., Tarakanov V., Tillmanns C.
Strangeness Photoproduction at the BGO-OD Experiment

(eng, 65 kb)
Pshenichnov I. A., Gunin S. A.
Electromagnetic Interactions of Nuclei at the FCC-hh Collider
(490 kb)
Kulagin S. A.
Nuclear Effects in the Deuteron in the Resonance and Deep-Inelastic Scattering Region

(eng, 55 kb)
Shestakov Yu. V., Nikolenko D. M., Rachek I. A., Toporkov D. K., Yurchenko A. V.
The Source of Nuclear Polarized Hydrogen/Deuterium Molecules
(1.144 kb)
Fil’kov L. V.
Supernarrow Dibaryons
(314 kb)
Arsenyev N. N., Severyukhin A. P., Voronov V. V., Nguyen Van Giai
Low-Energy E1 Strength Distributions of 68Ni

(eng, 60 kb)
Goncharova N. G.
Estimation of Surface Tension in Nuclei

(eng, 43 kb)
Mazur I. A., Shirokov A. M., Mazur A. I., Shin I. J., Kim Y., Maris P., Vary J. P.
Description of Continuum Spectrum States of Light Nuclei in the Shell Model
(981 kb)
Shitov M. I., Kamerdzhiev S. P.
Second- and Third-Order Anharmonic Effects within the Quantum Many-Body Theory
(218 kb)
Tulupov B. A., Urin M. H.
Direct + Semidirect E1 Photoneutron Reactions: Semimicroscopic Description
(561 kb)
Dzhilavyan L. Z.
Development of the Photonuclear Method for Detection of Hidden (N; C)-Concentrations with Registration of Induced (12N; 12B)-Activities
(838 kb)
Taskaev S. Yu.
Development of Accelerator Based Epithermal Neutron Source for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy
(5.291 kb)
Kondratyev V. N.
Nucleosynthesis at Strong Magnetization and the Titanium Problem
(256 kb)
Zelenaya A. V., Zelenyi M. E., Turinge A. A., Nedorezov V. G.
Chemical Composition Analysis for X-Ray Transport Container Scans
(696 kb)
Golubenko A. A., Chesnokov V. V., Ishkhanov B. S., Mokeev V. I.
Evaluation of the Inclusive Electron Scattering Observables in the Resonance Region from the Experimental Data

(eng, 58 kb)
Afonin A. A., Zuyev S. V., Konobeevski E. S.
Study of Thermal Neutron Spectrum of the W—Be Photoneutron Source of INR RAS
(358 kb)
Gorlova D. A., Ovchinnikova L. Yu., Zavorotny A. Yu., Lapik A. M., Rusakov A. V., Burmistrov Yu. M., Ivanov K. M., Tsymbalov I. N., Nedorezov V. G., Turinge A. A., Savel’ev A. D.
Investigation of the Generation of Positrons near Threshold
(358 kb)
Kasparov A. A., Konobeevski E. S., Zuyev S. V., Mordovskoy M. V., Afonin A. A., Mitcuk V. V.
Simulation of the Inelastic Scattering Reaction of Alpha Particles for Studying of Cluster Structure of Excited States of 9Be
(337 kb)
Kolomiytsev G. V., Gorelik M. L., Urin M. G.
«Coulomb Description » of High-Energy Charge-Exchange Monopole Excitations in Medium-Heavy Spherical Nuclei
(180 kb)
Kondratyev V. N.
Magnetoemission of Magnetars
(136 kb)
Zuyev S. V., Konobeevski E. S., Mordovskoy M. V., Nedorezov V. G., Ponomarev V. N., Solodukhov G. V.
Measurement of Delayed Photon Yield of Photofission Reaction as a Method for Identifying Fissile Materials
(241 kb)
Zuyev S. V., Konobeevski E. S., Mordovskoy M. V., Ponomarev V. N., Solodukhov G. V., Afonin A. A.
Study of the Extracted Beam Characteristics of Photoneutron Source of the Institute for Nuclear Research of RAS
(237 kb)
Zuyev S. V., Konobeevski E. S., Mordovskoy M. V., Nedorezov V. G., Ponomarev V. N., Solodukhov G. V.
Photoexcitation of Cd and In Nuclei by Real and Virtual Photons in the 4—9 MeV Energy Region
(215 kb)
Dzhilavyan L. Z., Lapik A. M., Nedorezov V. G., Ponomarev V. N., Rusakov A. V., Solodukhov G. V.
Registration of Delayed Neutrons from Photofission of 238U at Eγ ≲ 10 MeV
(789 kb)
Korobov V. I., Martynenko A. P., Sorokin V. V., Eskin A. V.
Excited States of Mesomolecules dtμ, pdμ, tpμ in Variational Method
(120 kb)
Dorokhov A. E., Martynenko A. P., Martynenko F. A., Sukhorukova O. S.
Nuclear Structure Effects in Hyperfine Structure of Muonic Lithium, Beryllium and Boron
(113 kb)
Varlamov V. V.
Reliability of Photonuclear Data: Various Experiments and Evaluations

(eng, 46 kb)