Review of the journal «Particles and Nuclei, Letters», #2 2020

Publications, 23 April 2020

The journal Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, Letters, brief name Particles and Nuclei, Letters, publishes the articles with results of the original theoretical, experimental, scientific-technical, methodical and applied research. Subject-matter of articles covers the principal fields of research at JINR: theoretical physics, elementary particle physics, relativistic nuclear physics, nuclear physics and related problems in other branches of physics, neutron physics, condensed matter physics, physics and technique at low temperature, physics and technique of accelerators, physical experimental instruments and methods, physical computer experiments, applied research in these branches of physics and radiology, ecology and nuclear medicine. The journal Physics of Particles and Nuclei, Letters is translated and published in English in MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica” from 2004.

Issue #2 2020

Tarasov O.V.
Anomalous Dimensions of Quark Masses in the Three-Loop Approximation

(rus, 167 Kb)
Silenko A.J.
Zitterbewegung of Bosons

Abstracts (eng, 38 Kb)
Naydenov M.N., Chizhov M.V.
To the Problem of Spontaneous Isotopic Symmetry Breaking in Nambu-Jona-Lasinio Models

(rus, 145 Kb)
Lev F.M.
Cosmological Acceleration as a Consequence of Quantum de Sitter Symmetry

Abstracts (eng, 60 Kb)
Sabri H., Ghale Asadi A., Jalili Majarshin A., Malekzadeh R.
Local Part of Two-Neutron Separation Energies: Signature of Ground State Phase Transition

Abstracts (eng, 43 Kb)
Kolesnikov V., Kireyev V., Lenivenko V., Mudrokh A., Shtejer K., Zinchenko D., Bratkovskaya E.
A New Review of Excitation Functions of Hadron Production in pp Collisions in the NICA Energy Range

Abstracts (eng, 55 Kb)
Koop I.A., Milstein A.I., Nikolaev N.N., Popov A.S., Salnikov S.G., Shatunov P.Yu., Shatunov Yu.M.
Possibility to Investigate P-Parity Violation in Nuclear Collisions at the NICA Facility

(rus, 468 Kb)
Sadygov Z., Sadigov A., Khorev S.
Silicon Photomultipliers: Status and Prospects

Abstracts (eng, 41 Kb)
Goryachev V.S., Zhigareva N.M., Kirin D.Yu., Stavinskiy A.V., Stolin V.L., Shimanskiy S.S., Chernyshev O.A.
The Position-Sensitive Scintillation Detector of Nucleons and Nuclear Fragments

(rus, 1190 Kb)
Chernikov A.N.
Shaft Cryostat Based on GM Cryocooler and Its Capabilities

(rus, 1267 Kb)
Shalyapin V.N., Tyutyunnikov S.I.
About Possibility of Application of Filament RF Discharge to Analyze the Atomic Composition of Organic Compounds

(rus, 1676 Kb)
Loginov V.N., Bogomolov S.L., Bondarchenko A.E., Mironov V.E., Pugachev D.K.
Production of Intense Ion Beams of Nickel, Chrome, Silicium, and Cobalt at the DC-60 Cyclotron

(rus, 2148 Kb)
Nikiforov D.A., Blinov M.F., Fedorov V.V., Petrenko A.V., Logachev P.V., Bak P.A., Zhivankov K.I., Ivanov A.V., Starostenko A.A., Pavlov O.A., Kuznetsov G.I., Batazova M.A., Starostenko D.A., Petrov D.V., Nikitin O.A., Akhmetov A.R.
Transportation of a High-Current Electron Beam in a Linear Induction Accelerator LIA-5

(rus, 928 Kb)
Smirnov V., Vorozhtsov S., Wu X., Alt D., Blosser G., Horner G., Paquette J., Usher N., Vincent J., Neville Z.
Experimental Validation of the Magnetic Field and Beam Dynamics Simulations for a Superconducting Cyclotron

Abstracts (eng, 36 Kb)
Syrovoy V.A.
Formation of Intensive Quasicylindrical Beams of Charged Particles

(rus, 718 Kb)
Morsin A.A., Singatulin Sh.R., Krylov A.A.
Pulse Power Control Module

(rus, 259 Kb)
Baev V.K., Bogdanovich B.Yu., Buyanov G.O.
Optimizing the Longitudinal Dynamics of a Nonrelativistic Charged Particle Bunch in the Field of a Traveling Wave

Abstracts (eng, 38 Kb)
Derenovskaya О.Yu., Ablyazimov T.O., Ivanov V.V., Russov Yu.V.
Registering Rare J/ψ → μ+μ Events in the CBM Experiment

(rus, 2070 Kb)
Ivanov V.V., Kryanev A.V., Sliva D.E., Ulyanin Yu.A., Kharitonov V.V.
Mathematical Modeling of the Exhaustion Process of Extracted Fossil Resources Using Natural Uranium as an Example

(rus, 168 Kb)
Harpy N., Abdel-Rahman M.A.E., Sallam A.M., El Dabour S.
The Significance of Mobilization and Immobilization of Specific Radionuclides for Optimum Bioleaching Conditions Using Aspergillus lentulus

Abstracts (eng, 53 Kb)
Chernyaev A.P., Bliznyuk U.A., Borschegovskaya P.Yu., Ipatova V.S.
Application of Low-Energy Electrons for Irradiation of Chilled Trout

(rus, 491 Kb)