Review of the journal «Particles and Nuclei, Letters», #3 2020

Publications, 22 June 2020

The journal Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, Letters, brief name Particles and Nuclei, Letters, publishes the articles with results of the original theoretical, experimental, scientific-technical, methodical and applied research. Subject-matter of articles covers the principal fields of research at JINR: theoretical physics, elementary particle physics, relativistic nuclear physics, nuclear physics and related problems in other branches of physics, neutron physics, condensed matter physics, physics and technique at low temperature, physics and technique of accelerators, physical experimental instruments and methods, physical computer experiments, applied research in these branches of physics and radiology, ecology and nuclear medicine. The journal Physics of Particles and Nuclei, Letters is translated and published in English in MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica” from 2004.

Issue #3 2020

Kakorin I. D., Kuzmin K. S., Naumov V. A.
A Unified Empirical Model for Quasielastic Interactions of Neutrino and Antineutrino with Nuclei

(eng, 43 Kb)
Luschevskaya E.V., Teryaev O. V., Ishkuvatov R. A., Solovjeva O. E.
Hadron Polarization in Strong Magnetic Field

(eng, 45 Kb)
Osipov A. A., Khalifa M. M.
Nambu Sum Rule in the Model with Two Doublets of Composite Higgs Bosons

(rus, 180 Kb)
Baznat M., Botvina A., Musulmanbekov G., Toneev V., Zhezher V.
Monte-Carlo Generator of Heavy Ion Collisions DCM-SMM

(eng, 43 Kb)
Chikhachev A. S.
Quantum Problem about Dynamics of Electrical Charge in Self-Field

(rus, 125 Kb)
Chikhachev A. S.
Electric Charge Dynamics in Self-Consistent Field in a Spherical Symmetric System

(rus, 132 Kb)
Borin V. M., Dorokhov V. L., Meshkov О. I., Ma Xiao Chao
Measurements of VEPP-4M Collider Energy Spread in Full Energy Range

(rus, 6.035 Kb)
Komarov V. I., Baimurzinova B., Kunsafina A., Tsirkov D. A.
Centrality Criteria of the Inelastic Nucleon—Nucleon Collisions

(rus, 219 Kb)
Mitrofanov I. G., Litvak M. L.,Golovin D. V., Nikiforov S. Yu., Sanin A. B., Anikin A. A., Mokrousov M. I., Timoshenko G. N., Krylov V. A., Pavlik E. E., Shvetsov V. N., Mytsin G. V., Molokanov A. G.
Gamma Spectrometry of Composite Analog Targets of Planetary Ground at the Proton Beam of the JINR Accelerator Using the Tagged Proton Method

(rus, 3.191 Kb)
Kolesnikov V., Kireyev V., Mudrokh A., Zinchenko A., Vasendina V.
Performance of the MPD Detector in the Study of the Strangeness-to-Entropy Ratio in Heavy-Ion Collisions at the NICA Accelerator Complex

(eng, 38 Kb)
Sowmya N., Manjunatha H. C.
Investigations on Different Decay Modes of Darmstadtium

(eng, 46 Kb)
Timoshenko G. N., Gordeev I. S.
Forecasting of Radiation Environment around NICA Booster

(rus, 3.871 Kb)
Sedyshev P. V., Simbirtseva N. V., Yergashov A. M., Mazhen S. T., Mareev Yu. D., Shvetsov V. N., Abramzon M. G., Saprykina I. A.
Determination of the Elemental Composition of the Alloy of Bosporan Staters of the 3rd–4th Centuries AD from Phanagoria’s Treasure by Neutron Spectroscopy Method Using the Pulsed Neutron Source IREN of JINR FLNP

(rus, 3.126 Kb)
Kashunin I. А., Mitsyn V. V., Trofimov V. V., Dolbilov A. G.
Integration of the Cluster Monitoring System Based on Icinga2 at JINR LIT MICC

(rus, 11.290 Kb)