Review of the journal «Particles and Nuclei, Letters», #5 2018

Publications, 26 September 2018

The journal Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, Letters, brief name Particles and Nuclei, Letters, publishes the articles with results of the original theoretical, experimental, scientific-technical, methodical and applied research. Subject-matter of articles covers the principal fields of research at JINR: theoretical physics, elementary particle physics, relativistic nuclear physics, nuclear physics and related problems in other branches of physics, neutron physics, condensed matter physics, physics and technique at low temperature, physics and technique of accelerators, physical experimental instruments and methods, physical computer experiments, applied research in these branches of physics and radiology, ecology and nuclear medicine. The journal Physics of Particles and Nuclei, Letters is translated and published in English in MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica” from 2004.

Issue #5 2018

Jerusalimov A. P., Lykasov G. I.
Dielectron Production in Pion—Nucleon Reactions at Intermediate Energies

Abstracts (eng, 44 Kb)
Denisova I. P., Kechkin O. V.
Least Action Principle for Lorentz Force in Dilaton-Maxwell Electrodynamics

Abstracts (eng, 36 Kb)
Sobhani H., Hassanabadi H.
Behavioral Differences of a Time-Dependent Harmonic Oscillator in Commutative Space and Noncommutative Phase Space

(eng, 32 Kb)
Boumali A., Selama Z.
Two-Dimensional Klein–Gordon Oscillator in the Presence of a Minimal Length

Abstracts (eng, 32 Kb)
Tokarev M. on behalf of the STAR Collaboration
Recent STAR Spin Results and Spin Measurements at RHIC

Abstracts (eng, 45 Kb)
N. E. Pukhaeva
Color Reconnection in WW Events and the Models with It

Abstracts (eng, 36 Kb)
Biswas Ghosh S., Mondal M., Mondal A., Ghosh D., Deb A.
Chaotic Multiparticle Production in Ring and Jet Structured Events in Heavy Ion Interaction: A Study in Multidimensional Phase Space

Abstracts (eng, 40 Kb)
Meshkov I. N.
Luminosity of a Collider with Asymmetric Beams

(rus, 120 Kb)
Dolbilov G. V.
The Use of Permanent Magnets for the Extraction of Particles from Cyclic Accelerators with a Constant Radius of the Orbit

(rus, 152 Kb)
Bielewicz M., Hanusek T., Jaskulak A., Peryt M., Tiutiunnikov S.
Determining the Fast Neutron Flux Density and Transmutation Level Measurements in ADS by the Use of a Threshold Nuclear Reaction

Abstracts (eng, 44 Kb)
Golovin D. V., Litvak M. L., Mitrofanov I. G., Vostrukhin A. A., Dubasov P. V., Zontikov A. O., Kozyrev A. S., Krylov A. R., Krylov V. A., Mokrousov M. I., Repkin A. N., Sanin A. B., Timoshenko G. N., Udovichenko K. V., Shvetsov V. N.
Experimental Comparison of Sensitivity of the Detectors Based on HPGe and CeBr3 with Neutron Generator for Planetary Study

(rus, 293 Kb)
Zernyshkin V. A., Maslov V. A., Penionzhkevich Yu. E., Kazacha V. I., Kolesov I. V., Tarasov O. B.
Trajectories of Motion of Charged Particles in a High-Resolution Magnetic Analyzer (MAVR)

(rus, 358 Kb)
Grozdanov D. N., Fedorov N. A., Aliev F. A., Bystritsky V. M., Kopatch Yu. N., Ruskov I. N., Sedyshev P. V., Skoy V. R., Shvetsov V. N., Baraev А. V., Kologov А. V.
Use of Resonance Neutrons for Element Analysis of «Proton» Rocket Engine Parts

(rus, 276 Kb)
Dusing C., Geltenbort P., Plonka C., Pokotilovski Yu. N.
Experimental Investigation of the Low Molecular Weight Fluoropolymer for the Ultracold Neutrons Storage

(rus, 285 Kb)
Boreyko A. V., Bugay A. N., Bulanova T. S., Dushanov E. B., Jezkova L., Kulikova E. A., Smirnova E. V., Zadneprianetc M. G., Krasavin E. A.
Clustered DNA Double-Strand Breaks and Neuroradiobiological Effects of Accelerated Charged Particles

Abstracts (eng, 46 Kb)