Rules for employees returning after vacations and business trips

Organization, 30 August 2020

Dear colleagues,

due to the ongoing pandemic of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 and restrictions in force in the territory of the Russian Federation, the JINR Operational Headquarters for preventing the spread of the coronavirus infection brings to your attention the following information.

Decrees of the Chief Sanitary Inspector of the Russian Federation No.7 of 18.03.2020 and No. 9 of 30.03.2020 establish the specifics of the arrival of citizens of any countries in the territory of the Russian Federation.

  1. All persons coming to the Russian Federation by export international flights must observe self-isolation and be under medical supervision at home or in a hospital for 14 days from the date of the arrival.
  2. People coming to Russia by regular, charter international flights and other transport means:

    – when crossing state boundaries of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens must provide a medical document (in Russian or in English) confirming the negative result of the laboratory test for COVID-19 by PCR method taken not earlier than 3 days before the arrival in the territory of the Russian Federation, or medical documents confirming the detection of G (IgG) immunoglobulin (if available)

    In case a person does not have a medical document confirming the negative result of the COVID-19 test, foreign citizens must pass a PCR test for COVID-19 during 3 days since the arrival in the territory of Russia;

    – Russian citizens must pass a PCR test for COVID-19 and send the results of this test to Rospotrebnadzor via the state services portal (

The JINR Order No. 407 of 24.07.2020 implies that the Institute’s employees returning from foreign countries, as well as after vacations, may be admitted to work in divisions only if they provide medical documents mentioned above or after self-isolation and medical supervision (in case of arrival by export international flights).

Due to this reason, the JINR Operational Headquarters recommend to JINR employees returning from foreign business trips to pass a test for COVID-19 provided in the Institute twice a week and refrain from visiting workplaces until the results are obtained.

At the same time, due to the unfavourable epidemiological situation with the incidence of COVID-19 in some regions of Russia, including the Republic of Crimea and the Krasnodar region, the Operational Headquarters highly recommend passing a PCR test for COVID-19 withing 3 days after returning from a vacation spent in the territory of Russia.

JINR Operational Headquarters