RuPAC-2021 Accelerator Conference started in Alushta

News, 27 September 2021

Today, on 27 September, the All-Russian Particle Accelerator Conference (RuPAC-2021) has started. This year, the event takes place in the “Dubna” Resort Hotel, Alushta, Crimea.

Organisers of the Conference are the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Charged Particle Accelerators.

The goal of the Conference is to share information about and discuss various aspects related to accelerator science and technology, beam physics, new accelerator development leptons and hadron colliders, upgrade of existing facilities, and the use of accelerators for basic and applied research.

Photos by Elena Puzynina

The programme includes oral reports and poster presentations. The working languages of RuPAC-2021 are English and Russian.

The Conference will cover the following topics:

  • Modern trends in accelerator technology,
  • Colliders,
  • Beam dynamics in accelerators and storage rings, methods of cooling, new methods of acceleration,
  • Cyclic and linear accelerators of high intensity,
  • Heavy ion accelerators,
  • Synchrotron radiation sources and free electron lasers,
  • Magnetic systems, power supply systems and vacuum accelerator systems,
  • Superconducting technologies in accelerators,
  • Accelerating structures and powerful radio engineering,
  • Control and diagnostic systems,
  • Ionic sources and electron guns,
  • Accelerators for medicine and applied purposes,
  • Radiation problems at accelerators.

Proceedings of the Conference will be published on

More details are available on the website of the event.