Russia celebrating Day of Science

News, 08 February 2023

On 8 February, the location country of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research celebrates the Day of Russian Science.

Russian scientists are members of the Institute’s multinational family who make a considerable contribution to solving ambitious scientific tasks of JINR at the forefront of world science. As a large-scale international scientific centre, the Institute’s primary task is the scientific and technological development of the JINR Member States. JINR’s participation in flagship initiatives of the Russian Federation in the fields of science and technologies is of particular importance.

The fourth, longest in the project’s history commissioning run at the NICA Accelerator Complex has recently concluded at JINR. The international team of this megascience project, which is being implemented in the territory and with significant support of the Russian Federation, has achieved bright results. The BM@N Experiment has become the first in Russia nuclear physics experiment at the accelerator complex carried out with the electron cooling of ions. Those were Russian scientists who proposed the idea of this technology.

Five new isotopes of superheavy elements have been produced at the Superheavy Element Factory with a leading role of Russian specialists. These achievements have asserted the leadership of the Institute in the field of the synthesis of superheavy elements.

Absolutely unique exotic signals have been received from the active core of our Galaxy at the Baikal Neutrino Telescope. Baikal-GVD has detected 11 events in a short period of time, all of them being related to high-energy neutrinos. And this is just to name a few scientific results obtained at JINR together with Russian partners.

On this day, the Directorate and the international team of the Institute congratulate all their colleagues from hundreds of scientific and research organizations and universities of Russia on professional holiday. We are convinced that this year our partnership will present the Russian and international communities with numerous scientific results and events.

We wish all Russian partners of JINR good health, reaching new professional heights, and scientific victories!