Seminar in memory of Prof. G. V. Efimov


On Wednesday, 19 June 2019, a seminar dedicated to the memory of Prof. G. V. Efimov (15.06.1934 – 01.04.2015) will be held in the JINR Scientists’ Club. The start of the seminar is set at 3:00 PM.

Programme of the seminar:

  • D. I. Kazakov “Introductory speech”
  • I. M. Dremin (Lebedev Physical Institute) “Geometry of ultra-peripheral nuclear collisions”
  • M. A. Ivanov “Nonlepton baryon decays with С=2”
  • S. N. Nedelko “Domain wall network as QCD vacuum: confinement, chiral symmetry, hadronization”
  • Memories, slides