SINP MSU. Announcement

Education, 10 May 2018

Dear colleagues!

We inform you that the possibility of entering the Department of Physics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University in frames of target admission is preserved this year. In 2012 – 2017, target admission of students from the science city Dubna was successfully carried out. After defense of theses, all Masters of the first graduate year of target admission have been employed in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna).

At the present time, preparation to target admission 2018 is under way. We appeal to you with the request to inform us whether you have students who are interested in target admission.

For carrying out target admission, we need to send in the list of potential applicants to the MSU rectorate until 21 May 2018.

Other details are available on the web sites of the MSU Departments in Dubna: New information concerning target admission is also published on the web-site.

Best regards,
Tatyana V. Tetereva,
Director of the Dubna branch of SINP MSU,
Head of the organizing committee of target admission (Dubna)