News, 06 July 2018

International Workshop on Spin Physics Experiments at NICA (SPIN-Praha-2018) will be held the next week, from 9 to 13 July 2018, in Prague, the Czech Republic.

Organizers of SPIN-Praha-2018 are the Charles University, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and the Czech Technical University.

This Workshop is devoted to the NICA Spin Physics Programme at JINR, design of the Spin Physics Detector (SPD) and its physics potential, and strengthening of international cooperation to design, build and perform experiments with this detector. In addition, theoretical and experimental aspects of the ongoing and upcoming spin physics experiments in the accelerator centres around the world will be discussed.

Workshop organizers aim to provide the widest possible overview of the subject area by inviting outstanding speakers, both theoreticians and experimenters from various collaborations, engaged in research of spin effects of particles in various fields of physics, especially in the field of particle physics. The workshop will promote establishing contacts between researchers from various branches of physics, and thus it will be possible to present and discuss present state and future perspectives of their research, to establish new collaborations. A special attention will be focused on helping young scientists and students to be actively involved in respective international research programmes.