Summary of the epidemiological situation in Dubna

News, 09 June 2020

Dear colleagues,

All Dubna citizens are worried about the real epidemiological situation in the city that can be characterized by the number of infected, cured and deceased people. No doubt that it is possible to find any information on the internet. However, various websites and various departments provide different information about the situation in Dubna.

For example, the website states that:

“Dubna is located in the Moscow region where there is the following COVID-19 statistics as of 8 June 2020:

  • 339 people were infected
  • 211 people recovered
  • 3 infected people passed away.”

This statistics is at least two times higher than that on the official website of the Administration of Dubna saying that: “According to the data presented by Mosoblshtab and Rospotrebnadzor, 144 people have been found infected in Dubna as of 06.06.2020 since the beginning of the pandemic.”

Deputy Head of the Dubna Council of Deputies, Assistant to JINR Chief Engineer, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics E. D. Uglov commented on the situation:

This website is not official. It is a poorly written aggregator of information. It is not clear where the data is taken. It provides both correct statistics (for regions in general) from official websites and fictional numbers as in Dubna. Moreover, there is even a mismatch of data on the website itself.

As for official statistics. The Administration and the City Headquarters publish news on the website Deputies have agreed to publish official statistics basing on the combined data from Medical Unit No.9 and the Dubna City Hospital.

In the initial period, the statistics presented on the website was more accurate compared to the official web page of the Moscow region, as far as they took into account only the statistics presented by the Dubna Hospital, without considering the Medical Unit. However, since the end of May, everything was corrected and the statistics on this website now coincides with the summarized information.

Head of the Polyclinic of the Medical Unit No.9 Candidate of Medical Sciences A. N. Kovalev informs about the situation in the area of responsibility of the Medical Unit:

As of 08.06.2020, 64 people attached to the Medical Unit No.9 have positive results of the RNA detection of the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection.

14 people were hospitalized with the new coronavirus infection. 4 of them were sent to the FMBA organization of Russia. 7 patients were released in a satisfactory condition. One patient passed away.

20 patients undergo only a mild course of the disease. They and their family members are isolated and examined at home. Moreover, 51 people who have contacted with virus carriers are also under observation.

521 people were removed from medical supervision, 36 people recovered.

2,012 tests were made to detect RNA of SARS-CoV-2 among working people.

For any inquires related to the new coronavirus infection, please contact the epidemiologist Lyudmila Gennadievna Zimenkova (tel. +7 (496) 214-80-93) and Head of the polyclinic Alexander Nikolaevich Kovalev (tel. +7 (496) 214-80-91).

According to the JINR Operational Headquarters, 13 infected JINR employees have been found, most of whom have already recovered.

JINR Operational Headquarters