Summer meeting of PAC for Condensed Matter Physics

Organization, 14 June 2019

A regular 50th meeting of the Programme Advisory Committee for Condensed Matter Physics chaired by D. L. Nagy will be held on 17 – 18 June 2019 in the International Conference Hall in Dubna.

CMP PAC Chairman D. L. Nagy will report on the implementation of the recommendations of the previous PAC meeting. JINR Vice-Director B. Yu. Sharkov will present information on the Resolution of the 125th session of the JINR Scientific Council (February 2019) and on the decisions of the JINR Committee of Plenipotentiaries (March 2019).

Proposals on new themes will be made by V. N. Shvetsov (development of the conceptual design of a new advanced neutron source at JINR) and N. Kučerka (development of the new structural research laboratory at the SOLARIS National Synchrotron Radiation Centre). Reports and proposals on projects and themes approved for completion will be made by A. V. Vinogradov, G. V. Mitsyn, K. P. Afanasyeva, A. Yu. Rozanov, G. Adam, and M. V. Avdeev. Participants will hear the report by J. Kulda on current trends in neutron spectroscopy. D. Chudoba will present the concept of new inelastic neutron scattering direct- and indirect-geometry spectrometers.

The PAC programme includes a meeting of members of the Programme Advisory Committee and the JINR Directorate.

Participants of the PAC meeting will consider the present state of the preparation of JINR’s strategic long-range plan by the working subgroup on radiobiology and astrobiology (B. Yu. Sharkov, E. A. Krasavin).

R. Saladino will present the scientific report “Emergence of life in formamide-based origin scenario”.

Following the tradition, the PAC programme includes poster reports by young scientists, the general discussion, and adoption of the PAC recommendations.

  Programme of the PAC for Condensed Matter Physics