Teachers at School in JINR

Education, 29 June 2018

One of the thematic groups, at which the programme of the International Scientific School for Teachers of Physics held in Dubna these days was divided, was called “Scientific show”. On 27 June 2018, presentation of unique scientific experiments prepared by teachers was held in the hall of the Dubna Hotel (Moskovskaya str., 2). Experiments were based on experience gained by JINR popularizers.

At the School for teachers 2018, there were also activities in the following creative groups “Popular science”, “Science+art, “Virtual JINR”, while the “Holidays in JINR” group, several workshops and a visit to the Dubna University were organized for school students. The programme of the School comprises also lectures, excursions, meetings with scientists and the conference for school students.

This School is held in order to identify the needs of both teachers and students, to involve teachers and students in common affairs, to give an opportunity to express their creativity and share experience and, as a result, to get new useful for teachers and JINR educational methodological developments.

Read about how the School was held in one of the upcoming issues of the JINR Weekly Newspaper.