The concluding stage of the Baikal expedition 2019

News, 08 April 2019

The Baikal expedition 2019 enters its concluding stage. Work on the ice has been finished. Today, in the morning, people and the equipment left the embankment.

Two new clusters have been installed during this expedition. Repairing and maintenance work at three clusters installed in 2015-2018 has been carried out. Two deep underwater cable lines have been set up. The volume of conducted work is unprecedented.

The effective volume of the facility with five clusters has reached a quarter of a cubic kilometer for shower events with neutrino. With the facility of such volume, approximately five interactions of neutrino with energies exceeding 100 TeV can be expected per year.

At the moment, the Baikal neutrino telescope is in the set-up and thorough testing mode. The “Baikal” collaboration plans to present the press release about the expedition 2019 and the functional state of the facility until the end of April.