The Directorate of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research deeply regrets to announce

News, 16 June 2016

On 15 June 2016, the famous Belarusian scientist and science organizer, member of the JINR Scientific Council, Director of the Research and Training Centre of Particle Physics and High Energy of the Research Institute for Nuclear Problems of the Belarusian State University, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor Nikolai Maksimovich Shumeiko passed away after a short severe illness.

Nikolai Maksimovich Shumeiko

22.09.1942 – 15.06.2016

Nikolai Maksimovich Shumeiko was born on 22 September 1942, in Dubrovno, Vitebsk region, Belarus. In 1966 he graduated from Moscow State University, the department of physics.

From 1970 he worked at Belarusiian State University at the physics department, at the Institute of Nuclear Problems BSU, and starting from 1993 he worked at the National scientific-educational centre of particle and high energy physics, BSU which was founded on his initiative where he worked as director during all the time of the institute existence.

Professor N.Shumeiko made a fundamental contribution to the development of new internationally acknowledged trend – the universal covariant approach to accounting of systematic (radiation) effects in observed values of fundamental processes of particle interactions (it is called now “the Bardin-Shumeiko” method). Other directions of scientific activities of Professor N.Shumeiko are spin high energy physics, scientific-organizational escort of elaboration and manufacture of the newest software hardware in high energy physics (in particular, a number of most important parts of calorimetric, muon and magnetic subsystems of the facilities CMS and ATLAS at the Large Hadron Collider). N.Shumeiko was the founder of a scientific school in particle and high energy physics; he was the author of over 600 papers, including those that were published in most prestigious Russian and foreign journals (Nature, Science and others). He was an irrevocable leader among Russian scientists in the Hirsch index (h=54). 13 Candidate Theses were defended under his guidance. He was a consultant for two Doctoral Theses.

For many years N.Shumeiko was responsible for the organization of cooperation of scientific institutes and industrial enterprises of the Republic of Belarus with world leading scientific centres – the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and was an official representative of the Republic of Belarus in many large international institutions (JINR, DESY, CERN) and experimental collaborations (CMS, ILC, ILD, CLIC and others).

For his research and organizational activities Professor N.Shumeiko was awarded the Medal of Fransic Skorina, the Order of Friendship of the Russian Federation, the Honorary Certificate of the Council of ministers of the Republic of Belarus, the Honorary Certificate of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, the Honorary Certificate of SCST of RB, the Badge of Honour ‘Outstanding Educator’ of RB, the Honorary Title ‘Honoured Worker of BSU’, the Academician F.Fedorov Prize of NAS of Belarus.

A wonderful man departed, whose unique talent, profound knowledge and exceptional diligencefor many years served the basis for the national science development – elementary particle physics and high energy physics. He was a man who led dozens of young people to science. He was the man whose competence, honesty and self-discipline were always a bright example for us.

We express deep and sincere condolences to the friends and family of Nikolai Maksimovich. The cherished memory about this outstanding scientist and man will remain forever in the hearts of people who knew him.

JINR Directorate,
staff of the Research Institute for Nuclear Problems of BSU,
colleagues, pupils and friends

The funeral ceremony of Nikolai Maksimovich Shumeiko will be held on 17 June from 12:00 untill 13:00 am in the Saint Elisabeth Convent, Vygotsky 6, Minsk.