The JINR Directorate deeply regrets to announce

Organization, 20 May 2020

On 10 May 2020, Victor Makarovich Kostenko passed away in the 86th year of life.

Victor Makarovich Kostenko

8 June 1934 – 10 May 2020

Victor Makarovich was connected with the Joint Institute for nuclear research for many years. From January 1975 to June 1999, he managed a Holiday Home, and then the Resort Hotel «Dubna».

The staff of the Resort Hotel headed by Viсtor Makarovich, has gained a lot of experience in conducting international scientific meetings and conferences. The best traditions in working with vacationers have been preserved.

From June 1999 to July 2019, V. M. Kostenko continued to work in JINR as a chief specialist and consultant to the JINR Directorate.

Victor Makarovich strengthened connections between Alushta and Dubna. He made a great contribution to the preservation and inviolability of the “Dubna” Resort Hotel as an international property of JINR.

In 2001, the staff of the “Dubna” Resort Hotel was awarded the first degree diploma “the Best Resort Hotel in the city of Alushta” for their professional health resort activities. In 2002 Victor Makarovich was awarded Medal of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”, 2nd class. He was awarded the Honorary diploma of the head of Dubna in 2006, the Badge “Veteran of Nuclear Energy and Industry” in 2007, the title “Honorary staff member of JINR” in 2011.

The JINR Directorate expresses deep and sincere condolences to the family and friends of V. M. Kostenko.

The memory of him will remain forever in our hearts.

The JINR Directorate