The JINR Medical Unit to JINR staff members

News, 02 October 2018

A special programme of medical care for the JINR staff members was launched in the Medical Unit #9.

To increase availability and quality of medical care, a special agreement between JINR and FBHI Medical Unit #9 of FMBA of Russia was signed on opening additional doctors’ surgeries (in addition to those provieded by Compulsory Health Insurance and Private Health Insurance) for providing health services to the JINR staff. The following additional doctors will be available: cardiologist, gastroenterologist, oncologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, primary care physician, ultrasonographer, functional diagnostician.

The work of additional doctors’ surgeries started in September 2018. It is planned to complete their staffing by medical specialists and nurses in the amount stipulated by the agreement.

Consultation of medical specialists will be available for all JINR staff members, including those who are not attached to the Medical Unit #9. JINR staff attached to the Medical Unit #9 will still have an opportunity to contact other medical specialists of the Medical Unit #9.

The appointment can be fixed via:

  1. the website of the Medical Unit #9 (section “Profpotologia”, then choice of a doctor)
  2. the “Infomat” system (section Doctors for JINR)
  3. phone number +7-496-216-74-80, you need to specify that you are a JINR staff member

At the appointment, a JINR pass or the note of the JINR Personnel Office verifying belonging to the JINR staff must be presented.

A working group of JINR staff members was created to monitor implementation of the agreement with the Medical Unit #9. Please, send comments and suggestions for improving health care services to the working group’s e-mail address:

JINR Directorate