The Kinetics of the Pulsed Booster with a Proton Injector

Publications, 12 July 2019

We are glad to bring to your attention a new preprint «The Kinetics of the Pulsed Booster with a Proton Injector» P13-2019-24 issued by the JINR Publishing Department. The authors are Pepelyshev Yu. N., Popov A. K., Sumkhuu D.


The kinetics of the pulsed booster as an advanced high-flux pulsed neutron source, which is foreseen to replace the IBR-2M pulsed reactor after an exhaust of its service life, is considered. As a booster, a subcritical multiplying assembly with a reactivity modulator, which amplifies neutron pulses generated on a non-multiplying target as a result of the injection of accelerator protons into it, is described. The parameters of neutron pulses of the assembly with a frequency of 30 Hz at various values of the effective lifetime of prompt neutrons and effective multiplication factor of assembly (0.95 and 0.98) are calculated. These calculations allow one to choose the optimal variant of the parameters of the modulator of reactivity, the subcritical rate, the effective lifetime of the prompt neutrons of the assembly, etc.