The MPD detector for the NICA collider is almost ready

Education, 06 March 2018

Students of the Engineering School “The NICA Vector” won the second prize at the city conference of Dubna school students “Young researcher” that was held on 4 March 2018. The conference took place in the School #8.

The team of the Engineering School “The NICA Vector” participated in the section “Technologies” with presentation of a printed at the 3D printer model of the MPD detector of the NICA collider.

8-grade students of the School #4 Alisher Abdullaev and Lev Pidgaiko jointly with 5-grade student from the School #6 Mikhail Cheredeev studied purposes of all elements of the MPD detector, principles of their operation and their construction. Using the automated design engineering system ADEM, the students designed the 3D model of all parts of the MPD detector at the scale 1 : 100.

Every participant designed and printed his own part of the model: Alisher printed the support system and the time-of-flight system (TOF), Lev designed the time-projection chamber (TPC), Mikhail printed the yoke of the MPD detector and the Electromagnetic Calorimeter (ECal).

The aim of the students of the School was to design a folding mini-model, like a nesting doll, of the Multi-Purpose Detector (MPD) of the NICA collider as far as scientists are going to see how our Universe appeared using particle collisions inside the MPD apparatus.

The MPD model is only the first part of a larger robotized model of the NICA accelerator complex the students are going to construct. It will be a visual aid for those interested in the structure of such facilities and the way accelerators and detectors operate.

The JINR Educational Project “The School for Young Engineers «The NICA Vector»” is located in the School #4 (Blokhintsev str, 3), 4 floor, room 24 (a grey door with the table “School for Young Engineers “The NICA Vector”).

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