The System of Cycle Setting for Nuclotron Booster

Publications, 15 August 2019

We are glad to bring to your attention a new preprint «The System of Cycle Setting for Nuclotron Booster» P9-2019-35 issued by the JINR Publishing Department. The authors are Vasilishin B. V. et al.


The main and two additional currents of the magnetic system of the Nuclotron booster are controlled by three sets of «+» and «–» series of pulses, causing an increase or decrease in the corresponding current by the amount of «quantum» of the current, the value of which is taken to be 0.01 A. In addition, to control the main current, the sequences of «+» and «–» series describing the derivative of the main current I’0 with the value of «quantum» equal to 0.04 A/s are also required. The peculiarity of used power supplies is that they are controlled directly by series pulses, and not by analog signals obtained from them. The control of software, equipment and exchange with the database is performed in the standard of TANGO system.