Thematic exhibition in JINR Science and Technology Library

News, 26 October 2022

The JINR Science and Technology Library joins Dark Matter Day celebrated on 31 October all around the world by opening a thematic literature exhibition “The Universe. Cosmology. Dark matter”.

The exhibition presents 150 Russian and foreign books, monographs, collections dedicated to this theme. Two books by an outstanding theoretical physicist RAS Academician Valery Rubakov, who recently passed away, and his co-author Dmitry Gorbunov introduce the exhibition. They are “Introduction to the theory of the early universe: Cosmological perturbations and inflationary theory” (Moscow: Krasand, 2010) and “Introduction to the theory of the early universe: Hot Big Bang theory “(Moscow: URSS, 2008 ). It is worth mentioning that Academician Rubakov was one of those who stood at the origins of the modern inflationary theory that provides a new explanation of the Big Ban and predicts existence of many other universe along with ours. The books cover such issues as established ideas about the early and modern Universe, as well as the most developed but not experimentally confirmed theoretical models.

With the help of books by a brilliant populariser of science Oleg Feigin, their readers can witness the production of a supernova, ride along the Milky Way, see the first glow of distant galaxies. How was the Universe formed? What awaits us in the future? Where did time and space come from? What was happening at the very moment of the Big Bang? Books by such well known scientists as Steven Weinberg, Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking, Brian Green answer these and many other questions.

Guests can found all this at the exhibition of secrets and mysteries of the Universe in the JINR Science and Technology Library until 11 November.