Three JINR software programmes received certificates of state registration

Patents, 21 July 2021

The Licensing and Intellectual Property Department of JINR announces that on 5 July 2021, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research received two certificate of state registration of software programmes:

  1. “Programme for controlling the parameters of the proton beam Beam Control”

    Authors: Gennady V. Mitsyn, Konstantin N. Shipulin, Alexander G. Molokanov

    The software programme aims to read, process, and visually present information of the diagnostic system of the proton beam for proton beam therapy. The programme allows measurements in different modes chosen due to the current task: measurement of the background sygnal; additional retarder thickness selection mode; calibration mode of the camera and diodes; control of beam parameters (visual control over horizontal and vertical profiles of the proton beam and the Bragg peak with their screening on the monitor with histograms and output of numerical information about the deviation from the specified values. If these deviations exceed the set limits, the programme gives a warning sound signal. Computer type: IBM PC compatible. PC based on Intel, AMD, х32; ОС: DOS.
    Programming language: Turbo Pascal
    Programme size: 3,7 Kb

  2. “Programme for processing experimental data QA tools”

    Author: Konstantin N. Shipulin

    The programme complex aims at quantitative and qualitative defining of deviations between design and measured in the experiment dose distribution (DD). To measure the DD, a film detector is used (Gafchromic of EBT-x class, as a rule, x being a series of the film detector). It is then digitized using a flatbed scanner by the peek-a-boo method. The programme complex has various functions for processing images from the film detector and calculated data. Functional capabilities: downloading graphical TIFF-files and converging of data in three colour channels into real matrices; readout of values of the density matrix of the image in the chosen area; calculating coefficients of polynomial function (with a degree from 1 to N-1, N being the number of points) by the method of the least squares due to the calibre films; restoring the values of doses depending on the film darkening; calculating isocount contour and its screening on the monitor; DD profile plotting in two projections (horizontal, vertical); graphical comparison of the measured and calculated DD; calculation of the conformity index (- index) between two DD matrices. Computer type: IBM PC compatible. PC based on Intel, AMD. OS: Windows 7 and further versions.
    Programming language: Delphi
    Programme size: 4,08 Mb

  3. “Software for automotive verification of the patient’s position in beam therapy VerifyTreat”

    Author: Konstantin N. Shipulin

    The software is used to verify the patient’s position in beam therapy. To guarantee the high quality of the transfer of high dose to the site of disease, it is important to verify the position of the patient towards the proton beam. For this purpose, the software complex has been developed and implemented that includes the following: the system for making digital X-Ray image the REGIUS 170 digitiser, the optical sensor to determine the position of the platform at the thуe medical stand, and the personal computer with the software VerifyTreat installed. The software allows downloading master data from the REGIUS 170 operating station, read information from the optical sensor, and conduct the comparative test using bone structures of two similar images: the standard patient’s position (simulated by RayTreat software) and the current patient’s position (read from the REGIUS 170 digitiser). Computer type: IBM PC compatible. PC based on Intel, AMD systems; OS: Windows 7 and further versions.
    Programming language: С#, MatLab
    Programme size: 121,5 Kb

JINR staff congratulates the authors on registration of the software programmes!