Two-week training for FEFU: results

Education, 12 May 2022

On 29 April, 2022, a two-week training for 2nd and 3rd year students of the Institute of High Technologies and Advanced Materials of the Far Eastern Federal University at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research came to its end.

During the first week of the training, students did lab works on automation, vacuum technology, RF technology, and electronics, which were supervised by the Scientific and Engineering Group of the JINR University Centre. During the lab work on automation, students were introduced to the basics of constructing control systems based on the programmable logical controller Siemens LOGO. The lab work on vacuum technology included designing, assembling, and pumping of a vacuum setup, as well as testing it with a helium leak detector and eliminating the leak found. The lab work on the RF technology introduced students to the basic elements of the HF and RF technology, wave behaviour in various conditions, helped them to understand the most important parameters of the HF and RF systems and learn how to calculate and measure these parameters using real devices. During the lab work on electronics students obtained skills for working with a multimeter, an oscilloscope, and a soldering iron. In addition, trainees also studied basic and semiconductor elements. Some students managed to calculate and build a simplest preamplifier for a particle detector.

During the second week of the training, students listened to introductory lectures on electronics of particle accelerators and had a course consisting of laboratory works on electronics and programming at a dedicated educational complex developed by the JINR UC and Dubna University in the laboratory of microprocessor systems.

“A two-week training for FEFU students, which combined online lectures and engineering practice, was one of the first events held with the assistance of the JINR Information Centre at FEFU. I consider it to be a success. In the future, FEFU students will be able to take part in traditional UC programmes (online INTEREST and offline START), come to the Institute for pre-graduation internships and write their theses. Several students have already been offered to do advanced-level UC engineering lab works by their training supervisors. JINR is interested in building scientific contacts with universities. The University Centre is ready to organize similar training events for students of other universities,” said Alexander Verkheev, Deputy Director of the JINR University Centre.

Training for FEFU students at JINR