Very Large Volume Neutrino Telescopes

News, 02 October 2018

On 2 – 4 October 2018, JINR will host the Very Large Volume Neutrino Telescopes Workshop (VLVnT-2018).

The workshop provides a forum to discuss the latest developments in neutrino and multi-messenger astronomy together with progress on the technological and instrumentation aspects of current and future large-scale detectors in water and ice.

According to the scientific scope of neutrino telescopes like ANTARES, Baikal-GVD, IceCube and KM3NeT (neutrino astronomy, cosmic rays, neutrino oscillations, dark matter search), the community of participants will be considerably broader and will also include experimentalists from optical, X-ray, gamma-ray and cosmic ray observatories, gravitational interferometers, dark matter, reactor/accelerator neutrino experiments as well as theoreticians. Aspects of applied science like oceanology, limnology, and glaciology will be considered.