Winners of FLNP works competition for 2020 announced

News, 10 March 2021

The Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics of JINR announced the winners of the scientific works competition for 2020.

Section of Nuclear Physics:

I prize: Cycle of works for investigation of inelastic neutron scattering on light nuclei.

Authors: Y.N. Kopach, V.R. Skoy, T.Y. Tretyakova, N.A. Gundorin, N.A. Fedorov, D.N. Grozdanov, F.A. Aliev, C. Hramco, I.D. Dashkov, S. Dabylova – FLNP, V.M. Bystritsky, I.N. Ruskov, A. Kumar, A. Gandhi, D.I. Yurkov, Y.N. Barmakov, V.I. Zverev.

II prize: Cycle of works: “Effect of Acceleration as a general physical e”

Authors: A.I. Frank, M. A. Zakharov and G. V. Kulin – FLNP.

III prize: Article “Nonstationary neutron diffraction by surface acoustic waves”

Authors: G. V. Kulin, A. I. Frank – FLNP, V. A. Bushuev, Yu. N. Khaydukov ,  D. V. Roshchupkin, S. Vadilonga, A. P. Sergeev


Condensed Matter Physics:

I prize: Cycle of works “The studies of the high pressure effect on the crystal and magnetic structure of topologically frustrated complex cobalt oxides”

Authors: D. P. Kozlenko, N. O. Golosova, S. E. Kichanov, E. V. Lukin, A.V. Rutkaukas, B. N. Savenko – FLNP.

II prize: Cycle of works “Complex formation and biological activity of fullerenes in solutions”

Authors: A.D. Avdeev, V.L. Aksenov, D. Chudoba, T.V. Nagornaya, T.V. Tropin, A.I. Ivankov, M.O. Kuzmenko – FLNP, O.A. Kyzyma, L.A. Bulavin

III prize: Article “Neutron scattering in studies of Fe-based functional alloys (Fe-Ga, Fe-Al et al.)”

Authors: A.M. Balagurov – FLNP, I.S. Golovin


Applied and methodical research:

I prize: Cycle of works “High Temperature Superconducting Magnet System with a high-pressure chamber for the DN-12 diffractometer at the IBR-2 facility operated in magnetic field up to 5 T and a temperature range of 4.5 – 300 K”

Authors: A. Chernikov, S. Kulikov, O. Culicov, A. Buzdavin – FLNP.

II prize: Cycle of works “Correlation RTOF diffractometry at long-pulse neutron source: experimental data analysis methods”

Аuthor: G.D. Bokuchava – FLNP.

III prize: Cycle of works “Development and construction of an experimental station for neutron radiography and tomography at the WWR-K research reactor (Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan)”

Authors: E.V. Lukin, D. P. Kozlenko, S. E. Kichanov, K. M. Nazarov, B. Muhametuly, B.N. Savenko – FLNP.


Experimental work not related to the categories 1-3:

I prize: Article “3D silver dendrites for single-molecule imaging by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy”

Authors: K. Z. Mamatkulov, M.Yu. Vorobyeva, G. M. Arzumanyan  – FLNP, H. V. Bandarenka, N. V. Khinevich, A. A. Burko, S.V. Redko, S. A. Zavatski, U. A. Shapel,

II prize: Cycle of works “Athmospheric Deposits of Heavy Metals– Assessment Based on Analysis of Moss-Biomonitors: results of the 2015/2016 moss survey”

Authors: M. Frontasyeva, D. Abdusamadzoda, Y. Aleksiayenak, K. Vergel, I. Zinicovscaia, O. Culicov, P. Nekhoroshkov, A. Svozilíková Krakovská, C. Hramco, G. Hristozova, O. Chaligava, T.T.T. My, A. Uzhinskiy, N. Yushin – FLNP

III prize: Article Functional lipid pairs as building blocks of phase-separated membranes

Authors: D. Soloviov, K. Zhernenkov – FLNP, Y.Q. Cai, D. Bolmatov, A. Suvorov, D. Zav’yalov, A. Bosak, H. Uchiyama, M. Zhernenkov.