Winners of SEZ “Dubna” and JINR Youth Project Competition

Education, 12 April 2021

At the end of March, the winners of the Competition of Youth Scientific and Technical Projects were announced. The competition was established by the Special Economic Zone “Dubna” and JINR and got support from resident companies of the Economic Zone.

In total, the jury considered 35 projects by school children, students, and young scientists in the age categories 7-17 and 17-25 in each of five thematic directions, namely biomedicine technologies, new materials, complex technical systems, nuclear and physical technologies, IT technologies.

Photo by SEZ “Dubna”

Three of the winners of the competition represent the scientific youth of the Joint Institute:

Biomedical technologies

Denis Komarov (State University “Dubna”, Laboratory of Radiation Biology JINR) won with his project “Implementation of the method for preventive monitoring of the presence of IgG antibodies among people who have suffered from SARS-CoV-2”, which is relevant in the light of the fight against COVID.

New materials

The project “Tellurium-containing liquid scintillator based on linear alkylbenzene” by Ivan Suslov from the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems JINR can be applied for detectors of the mysterious neutrino.

Nuclear physics technologies

The development by Irina Eryomkina (Laboratory of High Energy Physics) and co-authors “Cryogenic thermal controller KKVM-10” is necessary to control the temperature regime of the stationary target of the BM@N detector at the NICA accelerator complex.

These and other winners of the competition will receive awards at the award ceremony that will take place in the framework of the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Special Economic Zone “Dubna” on 22 April.

The representative jury of the competition included 14 people representing the SEZ “Dubna” management company, SEZ resident companies, the State University “Dubna”, the Dubna City Administration, Dubna Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The jury decided to make the competition annual and to organize participation in it under new conditions. To organize the next competition, all interested SEZ residents, JINR, and scientific-production enterprises of Dubna are offered to suggest topics for scientific and technical works for schoolchildren and students until 15 May. It is planned to hold the competition of works done on these topics in November 2021. The results of the new competition are planned to be summed up no later than 25 December 2021.

School students who will win such a competition will be the first candidates for targeted training at the State University “Dubna” and will get the attention of heads of high-tech Dubna companies.

The first in Dubna history Competition of Youth Scientific and Technical Projects was organized by joint efforts of SEZ “Dubna” and JINR with the support of JSC Promtech-Dubna, JSC PSK Pharma, JSC Gracis-Tech, JSC TD Media, JSC MINTS, JSC Berolux.