Winners of the JINR Grant Competition for Dubna teachers are announced

Education, 19 March 2018

On 15 March 2018, a jury’s meeting chaired by JINR Director V.A. Matveev was held to determine winners of the JINR Grant Competition for schoolteachers and teachers of additional education of Dubna.

The jury was represented by A.S. Sorin (Deputy Chairman of the jury), L.K. Ivanova (Secretary to the jury), M.G. Itkis, O.V. Belov, M.K. Antonova, N.I. Sissakian, N.Yu. Teryaeva.

In 2018, the number of participants was two times larger than number of grants. It is worth mentioning that award criteria have changed this year. Those competitors who provide school students with educational background on natural sciences and technologies as well as acquaint them with JINR activities were given higher priority. Qualitative development of educational programmes is one of the priorities of JINR activities. It was discussed in details at the past meeting of the JINR Science and Technology Council. The Institute aims at development of a full-scale educational system that will allow training highly qualified scientific and engineering staff that will be aimed to work at JINR as a result of the continuing education “school-university”.

Winners of the JINR grants of 2018:

  • Maths teacher Oksana V. Ganina, the “Dubna” Lyceum
  • Maths teacher Natalia N. Nefedova, School #4
  • Physics teacher Tatiana V. Lavrova, School #5
  • Physics teacher Irina G. Osipenkova, Gymnasium #11
  • Chemistry teacher Natalia A. Polotnyanko, the Department of Chemistry, the Dubna State University
  • Chemistry teacher Irina I. Ilyinova, the “Dubna” Lyceum
  • Biology teacher Elvira A. Nazarova, International School for Young Researchers “Dialogue”
  • IT teacher Nadezhda S. Semashko, the Lyceum #6
  • Head of the aviation design club Yuri P. Ponomarev, Centre of Additional Education for Children “Druzhba”
  • Head of the Radio Club “Dubna” Vyacheslav N. Semenov, Centre of Additional Aducation for Children “Druzhba”.

We congratulate winners of the JINR grant competition!