Winners of the JINR Grant Competition for school teachers were announced

Education, 25 March 2020

Based on the results of the remote consideration of applications, winners of the annual competition for JINR grants for school teachers and teachers of additional school education in Dubna for 2020 were determined.

In 2020, the total number of reviewed candidates was 17, of which 10 obtained JINR grants:

  • Sergei Lukichev, teacher of physics, school no. 1
  • Tatiana Yastrebova, teacher of physics of school no. 10
  • Natalia Mikhailova, mathematics teacher, gymnasium no. 8
  • Vladimir Petrov, mathematics teacher, “Dubna” Lyceum
  • Rosa Yershova, computer science teacher, Lyceum no. 6
  • Albina Korovina, teacher of biology, gymnasium no. 11
  • Ekaterina Khlebushkina, teacher of additional education, pre-school no. 9
  • Vlada Budnik, foreign language teacher, school no. 7
  • Anna Kulikova, foreign language teacher, school no. 2
  • Tatyana Solovieva, teacher of technology (labour), gymnasium no. 3

Training of young highly qualified scientific and engineering personnel is one of the priority directions for JINR. In this regard, those competitors who provide school students with educational background on natural sciences and technologies as well as acquaint them with JINR activities were given higher priority. The annual grant includes a one-time payment of 100,000 rubles and an honorary diploma of JINR.

Due to the adverse epidemiological situation date of awarding the winners will be announced later.

The JINR Directorate congratulates the winners of the JINR Grant Competition!