Winter meeting of the PAC for Condensed Matter Physics

Organization, 19 January 2018

The 47th regular meeting of the JINR Programme Advisory Committee for Condensed Matter Physics chaired by Dénes Lajos Nagy will be held on 22 – 23 January 2018 in the International Conference Hall, Dubna.

Deputy Director of FLNP Norbert Kučerka will report on the development of scientific case for a new source of neutrons at the JINR. After his presentation, Chief Researcher of FLNP Evgeny Shabalin will present a report “A 20-year forward look at JINR’s high-flux pulsed neutron source”. International cooperation will be reflected in the report “Cooperation between JINR and the National Synchrotron Radiation Centre SOLARIS” by Valery Shvetsov.

Moreover, the first day agenda of the meeting includes the report “Cultural Heritage Research using Neutron Imaging at the IBR-2 Reactor” by Irina Saprykina, a researcher of the Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and “Planar graphene tunnel field-effect transistor: effect of edge vacancies on performance “ prepared by BLTP Senior Researcher Vsevolod Katkov.

Furthermore, reports concerning the Spectrometer Complex of the IBR-2 reactor (D. P. Kozlenko) and, in particular, the DN-6 High-Pressure Neutron Diffractometer (E.V. Lukin) are as well in the programme of the meeting. Information about realization of FLNP JINR User Programme will be presented by D. Chudoba.

The PAC meeting programme includes the traditional poster session for young scientists, awarding of the authors of the best poster presentations made at the previous PAC meeting, general discussion and adoption of the PAC recommendations.

  Programme of the PAC for Condensed Matter Physics