Working group meeting in Beijing

News, 31 October 2017

On 28 October 2017, an expert meeting of a Working Group (WG) on cooperation between Russia and China in the frames of the large (mega-science) research infrastructures was held in Beijing. On the Chinese side the meeting was attended by representatives of the Institute of Modern Physics (Lanzhou), the Institute of Plasma Physics (Hefei) and Tsinghua University (Beijing). The NICA project on the Russian side was represented by the JINR delegation chaired by Leader of the project Vladimir Kekelidze.

The purpose of the Working Group meeting was the participation of Chinese scientific centers in the MPD/NICA project at JINR and the JINR’s participation in major Chinese scientific projects. The parties defined expected financial parameters of the cooperation and areas of interaction in the frames of the Electromagnetic Calorimeter project for the NICA/MPD, establishment of an energy storage based on high temperature superconducting magnets, as well as conditions of participation in other projects. The WG considered ways of attraction of young scientists and opportunities for technology transfer, in particular, in the frames of implementation of joint project on the SC-200 superconducting compact proton cyclotron for medical applications.

In the final Protocol the participants of the WG expressed their confidence to the Governments of China and the Russian Federation that the cooperation in implementation of NICA, HIAF, EAST mega-science projects and others provides a mutually beneficial environment and contributes to acceleration of development of science and technology in both countries. The Protocol also noted that JINR as an international intergovernmental organization which has strong relations with Russian and Chinese scientific organizations provides an effective platform for development and enhancement of such cooperation.

The next day, 29 October, the WG members participated as experts in the 21st session of the Russian-Chinese Subcommission on scientific and technical cooperation of the Commission on preparation of regular meetings of heads of governments, were the results of the WG meeting were presented.