Workshop “Gluon content of proton and deuteron at SPD” started

News, 30 September 2020

Today, on 30 September, a two-day workshop “Gluon content of proton and deuteron at SPD” started. The event is organized in the frames of the “SPD Days” and is held remotely.

The workshop focuses on the theoretical and experimental aspects of the gluon programme at SPD and covers the following topics:

  • Gluon TMD PDFs
  • Unpolarized gluon PDFs for proton and deuteron at large x
  • Gluon helicity Δg
  • Gluon transversity in deuteron
  • Tensor gluon structure of deuteron
  • Gluons and charmonia production
  • Gluons from lattice QCD

111 participants from more than 20 countries applied for the event.