XXVIII Open Physics and Mathematics Olympiad

Education, 29 September 2020

The school year of 6-7 grade students started with the traditional Olympiad. The XXVIII Open Physics and Mathematics Olympiad was held on 18 September (for 6-grade students) and 19 September (for 7-grade students). The organizer is the Physics and Mathematics Open Classroom.

The task consisted of two parts. To win the Olympiad participants were supposed to solve both parts on physics and mathematics. Schoolchildren had 1,5 hours for the task.

Try your hand at solving the following tasks:

  • The alarm clock is 4 minutes behind the clock. Three and a half hours ago, it was set exactly. It’s now 12:00 shown by the correct clock. In how many minutes will the alarm clock also show 12:00?
  • Avid chess players played five games, and both won and lost equally, without draws. How was this result possible?

We express deep gratitude to the staff of School No.9 for aid in holding the Olympiad and regular lessons of the Open Classroom!

Results of the Olympiad, 6-grade students:


Pavel Zabrodin (Lyceum No.6)

Prize winners:

Anton Agapov (Lyceum No.6)
Dmitry Gomzin (Gymnasium No.11)
Daria Razumnaya (Lyceum No.6)
Ilya Strizhenov (Lyceum No.6)
Rodion Ulitin (School No.9)
Alexander Kharchenko (Gymnasium No.11)

Results of the Olympiad, 7-grade students:


Georgy Lubashevsky (Lyceum No.6)


Daniil Kolesnikov (Gymnasium No.11)
Alexandra Novichkova (Gymnasium No.11)
Anna Sorokina (Lyceum No.6)