Yandex.Lyceum in Dubna: first school year successfully completed

Education, 15 June 2020

28 students have successfully completed the first academic year in the Dubna Yandex.Lyceum.

Dubna joined the Yandex.Lyceum project in 2019. The start of the programme was preceded by joint work of Yandex, the Physics and Mathematics Open Classroom of Dubna, Lyceum No.6 and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. The educational programme is designed for two academic years. School children who have mastered it obtain knowledge and skills sufficient to work as interns or junior developers.

During the first year of study, children learn the basics of Python, a modern programming language that is in demand in both IT companies and in the scientific community. Training in the Yandex.Lyceum requires lots of efforts from its students. Since March, all lessons were held remotely, and this caused an increase in the load on students and teachers. The Yandex.Lyceum quickly adapted to the remote format: the first-year curriculum was fully completed. Most of the students managed to do it having done a considerable amount of tests and having successfully passed the finals. 25 Dubna students finished the year with good and excellent marks, they will continue their training in the second year dedicated to the in-depth study of the Python programming language and the implementation of their own creative projects.

The success of students is largely determined by the talent and perseverance of their teachers: Roza N. Ershova and Alexandra V. Shornikova. At the end of the school year, teachers of the Yandex.Lyceum addressed a parting message to the students:

R. N. Ershova: “Dear students! I congratulate you on finishing such a challenging, unusual, and interesting school year! You were all great! There were so many times I observed your successes with surprise and admiration. And I was upset with you when something did not work out. There will always be failures. But you need to be able to overcome them. Thank you very much for this incredible and unforgettable academic year!”

A. V. Shornikova: “The first school year in the Dubna Yandex.Lyceum has successfully completed. We congratulate all the students of the Yandex.Lyceum who have finished this interesting and difficult year! Students worked hard during all this year and achieved very good results. They acquired a good base in programming and learned a lot. We have another interesting school year to come. We wish all the students progress, new interesting projects and self-confidence!”

Classes in the Yandex.Lyceum are held in the format of additional education with the support of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. One of the peculiarities of the Dubna site is the international character of its membership. Lessons are held in Lyceum No.6 named after G. N. Flerov. Study groups are formed due to the results of open competitive selection. 8- and 9-grade students are invited to participate, regardless of their place of study.

Enrollment of students for the first grade of the Lyceum of the 2020\21 school year will start on 30 August. You can already subscribe to the newsletter about the start of the selection on the website of the project.

Source: Physics and Mathematics Open Classroom