Yuri Tsolakovich Oganessian turns 88!

Organization, 14 April 2021

Today, a world-famous scientist, Scientific Leader of the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions Academician Yuri Tsolakovich Oganessian turns 88. His numerous achievements to world science include the discovery of superheavy elements and brilliant achievements in the fields of nuclear physics of superheavy nuclei. To acknowledge his outstanding contribution to the synthesis of superheavy elements, element 118 of the Periodic Table was called oganesson (Og) in honour of Yuri Tsolakovich.

The Directorate and the international team of the Joint Institute cordially congratulate Yuri Tsolakovich on this date of “two infinities” and wish him good health, prosperity, implementation of the most daring ideas and hopes, new bright results and achievements, and great creative energy for the further activity for the benefit of science!

The internet portal “Scientific Russia” marked the birthday of the outstanding scientist by publishing an article dedicated to Yuri Tsolakovich Oganessian.

Photo by Nikolay Malakhin / Scientific Russia