Practice & Training

International Student Practices

International Student Practices are organized for senior university students of JINR Member States. The Practices are aimed at providing students with the opportunity to learn more about the scientific research conducted at JINR and perform their research projects at the JINR basic facilities.

Summer Student Programme at JINR

The Summer Student Programme at JINR is organized in order to attract students and postgraduates from universities of JINR Member States and encourage them to carry out research projects as members of research teams of the Institute during the summer holidays. Selection of participants is carried out on a competitive basis.

The JINR Summer Student Programme may become the first step towards a successful scientific career at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. We invite students and postgraduates to participate in the Summer Student Programme.

Online Student Programme INTEREST

INTErnational REmote Student Training (INTEREST) is a new JINR University Centre online programme intended for science / engineering / IT students (starting from their 2nd year) and postgraduates from all over the world. Its main goal is to provide participants with assistance in choosing research projects in one of the science fields at JINR and facilitate their communication with project supervisors. The Programme creates an opportunity to learn about the major research fields of the Institute and its laboratories, make useful contacts, find a supervisor for a thesis project, as well as to increase one’s chances to be selected for participation in full-time JINR training programmes, for example, in the Summer Student Programme.

To participate in the programme, please go to and follow the instructions.


The main objective of the Training is active involvement of young scientists in the work flow of the International Innovative Nanotechnology Centre of the CIS countries (ININCIS). As part of the Training, the participants get a general idea of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, its laboratories and scientific research trends. The Training participants also get the opportunity to establish contacts, both among themselves and with representatives of Russian scientific organizations.



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